Yesterday, When I Was Young

Okay, it was only a day ago but I was younger.

And some cartoonist were also younger, or their surrogates were.

Phoebe and Her Unicorn, The Family Circus, and Pearls Before Swine all went with youthful art Sunday.

If getting youngsters to draw your strip wasn’t an option maybe try AI.

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Brewster Rockit mentioned AI yesterday and continued the subject today.

AI also was the reason The New Adventures of Queen Victoria returned with what will be a short arc.

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Not sure if Sunday’s Dick Tracy was a prologue to a quickly upcoming story or just a hint at a Summer of 2024 story (writer Curtis has been known to hint at far future tales). I am expecting Little Orphan Annie to be featured next year during her 100th anniversary.

It’s been a long time since we mentioned 9 Chickweed Lane, but Sunday’s page was really good.

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