Wallace the Brave Scavenger Hunt

Andrews McMeel and Will Henry have devised a contest with the reward being a print of the very first Wallace the Brave Sunday page. Ten winners of that prize, plus a special Grand Prize for one winner.

© William Wilson

It’s a scavenger hunt for images found in 2022 Wallace the Brave comic strips.

At the start of 2023, cartoonist Will Henry wanted to do something different. Something exciting. Something that had never been done before. By him. In 2023. Digitally. Two words came to him: SCAVENGER HUNT.

Will has selected ten images from ten comics from 2022. If you are able to correctly identify the comics that these images have come from, you can enter to win a print of the very first (print syndicated) “Wallace the Brave” Sunday (https://www.gocomics.com/wallace-the-brave/2018/04/01).

Details are at the GoComics Blog with a link to the submission page:

The clue images can also be found on the scavenger hunt page.

The scavenger hunt will run through February 28th, and winners will be contacted by March 17th.

To enter the scavenger hunt, please visit: https://site.andrewsmcmeel.com/wallace-the-brave-scavenger-hunt

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  1. I’m really pumped up about this. Hope people have some fun cruising through the archives

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