Accusations and Apologies

Instagram Removed Pro-Life Comic because “Hate Speech”

4/10/2019 Adam Ford — A week and a half ago I posted a comic I made about abortion to Instagram (the full comic is below).

I rarely use Instagram, so after checking the post maybe once or twice that same day, I forgot about it. Well, I opened the IG app again for the first time since the day I posted the comic, and was greeted with this:

At about the same time as Facebook was deleting a Clay Bennett cartoon and Instagram was erasing a Clay Jones cartoon, the same company was denying its platform to Adam Ford.

Please, read the entire comic and try to ponder how in the world it could be considered “hate speech.” Here it is exactly as I posted it, frame by frame, to Instagram:

Adam’s reaction to his Instagram-banned comic is at Christian Daily Reporter.

April 11 UPDATE: Instagram has reinstated Adam’s post.



“a despicable political cartoon”

What a horrible disservice and insult, especially to Attorney General William Barr, to infer that Barr is a pet pig.

Below this despicable cartoon was a letter to the editor…(“Journal should apologize for touting Russia hoax”). The irony of all of this is that at the end of [the] letter, Executive Editor Alan Rosenberg had the audacity to refute Mr. Kehoe’s allegations of The Journal’s biased reporting.

A reader is offended by a Jeff Danziger cartoon.



The New Zealand Herald has apologised for publishing a cartoon

A bit out of my bailiwick, but the Alex comic strip has, on occasion,
shown up in Mike Peterson‘s Comic Strip of the Day.


Installments of the UK comic Alex regularly appear in the Business section of the newspaper. First printed in 1987, Alex is set in a satirical corporate financial environment.

Wednesday’s strip showed two male bankers discussing their colleague ‘Stephanie’, a transgender woman drawn as a masculine-looking figure in a skirt and high heels.

The comic was roundly criticised when it was posted to the r/newzealand Reddit forum. It’s also been called bigoted by Twitter users, some of whom questioned whether NZME deserved its ‘Rainbow Tick’, which is awarded to companies that show solidarity with the LGBT community.

Newshub has the story with social media’s unhappy reaction and the newspaper’s apology.

“We sincerely apologise for the offence caused by the cartoon – we believe it was meant to highlight transphobia and was not intended to be offensive to the transgender community,” they told Newshub.

“The cartoon missed the mark. We will be more vigilant in future.”

An apology was also printed in the Thursday edition of the Herald.



More Warning Than Apology

Early in the morning Clay Jones said,

You’re going to get a disgusting Wednesday bonus cartoon later. Yes…it will be disgusting.

A few hours later he delivered:

Clay is a man of his word.





4 thoughts on “Accusations and Apologies

  1. 1. Mr. Ford’s cartoon is well written, thought out and reasoned opinion from the Pro-Life perspective (still not illegal -yet) which is exactly why it was rejected, wrongly painted as “hate speech” and magically gained the supernatural ability to turn people who would normally understand logic into people who suddenly don’t.
    (won’t is a better word.

    2. You can count on two hands the number of weeks ago that William Barr was a darling of the left. He then went from darling to lap pig in just a few days in exactly the same way Mr. Ford’s cartoon became illogical -magically.

    3. Where in America is there a “Porno Theatre”?

  2. Mike, I’ll probably regret stepping into this, but what makes you think William Barr was ever a “darling of the left”?

    I don’t recall anyone welcoming his appointment beyond being happy to see Tor Johnson step aside. Three Democrats voted for his confirmation in February. That’s hardly a bipartisan endorsement.

    I hope you’re not suggesting that a general sense that he was more honest than his predecessors is enough to make him a “darling.” If a reputation for honesty is considered liberal, well, it’s a sign of the times you should probably defend.

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