The Week That Was in Editorial Cartooning


Letter to the Editor

Tom Stiglich provokes a letter.

Why does the cartoonist feel Christ should be wearing a crown with those guilty of such disgusting criminal behavior?
Those pedophile priests have never associated themselves with Christ’s work…



Washington Post accused of Transphobic Behavior

The Mueller Report cartoon by Mike Lester is being called transphobic on digital news and social media sites.

…political analysts and cartoonists have weighed in on the [Mueller Report]. And some hot takes are better than others.
Case in point, a particularly egregious cartoon on the Washington Post’s website is going viral for disparaging trans women.

The Daily Dot, not happy with Mike’s conservative slant on events, digs into him and his syndicate, the Washington Post Writers Group, and, by association, The Washington Post.

It’s obvious what Lester is implying: The Mueller report is as disappointing and deceptive as trans women who seduce cisgender men. If only we wore our transness on our sleeve, we could protect cis people from ever having sex with us. It’s not just bigoted; its punchline is so transphobic that the comic only makes sense to readers who also think trans women are secretly men in drag.

The Washington Post, in replying to the transgender community, notes that the syndicate arm is separate from The Post and emphasized that Mike Lester cartoons do not run in The Post itself:

Post’s embedded audience editor Gene Park thanked users for “sounding off on this offensive piece.” He also stressed that Lester is not an employee with the Post, and that the publication “[does] NOT run Mike Lester’s cartoons” in the paper.


The Washington Post’s director of communications, Shani George, responded…in an email to the Daily Dot. George confirmed Mike Lester’s cartoon was syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group and did not run in the Post. 

“We give cartoonists wide latitude in what they present,” George said. “While we may not agree with some perspectives, cartoons serve a role in generating conversation and debate.”



Regional Awards Finalists

The California News Publishers Association is,”pleased to announce this year’s finalists in the Print, Digital and Campus contests of the 2018 California Journalism Awards.”

I know some are not appreciative of award shows (hi Mike), and even I think the regional award programs are a bit much. But when a long-time favorite gets a nomination I gotta give a fist bump.
I have enjoyed R. L. Crabb comics for decades, from underground comix to Bay Area papers, so…



“Willson’s biased, mean-spirited, re-surfaced cartoon…”

Another local cartoonist, but David Willson doesn’t get the praise I afforded Crabb.

A March 24, 2019, letter to the editor:

The Palm Beach Daily News does a disservice to its readership by giving cartoonist David Willson unbridled rein on its Sunday editorial page [March 17, 2019 edition]. His 475-word opinion piece criticizing President Trump clumsily references Chicken Little’s “the sky is falling” phrase as justification for also dredging up a 2015 town election cartoon.

But this letter has a bone to pick with those cartoonists who also write columns.

I’m not addressing Willson’s criticism of Mr. Trump. I’m suggesting Mr. Willson shouldn’t continue to textually opine as filler whenever there are no letters to the editor.
He’s a cartoonist. Let him be “seen” but not heard.



Clay Bennett Cartoon (more or less) Banned from Facebook

Mike Peterson, in his column today, mentioned the above Clay Bennett cartoon.

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists also noted the ban and re-ban:

On March 28, @facebook summarily deleted a week-old editorial cartoon by @PulitzerPrizes-winning political cartoonist Clay Bennett , and then warned him his complaint about the deletion had violated the site’s community standards & deleted THAT.

The AAEC spread the news via its Facebook and Twitter sites.

I have to believe that The Rejection Upon Review was done by a non-AI entity.



WPWG Cartoonists Can’t Catch a Break

Tim Campbell reports:

So far This cartoon has gotten over 700 hateful comments from anti-vaxxers including threats to my family and insults towards my dead mother. Yeah, you’ve convinced me about what a caring group of people you are.

Tim at Twitter.



J. Keppler – Puck 1880