An UnPresidented Deck of Cards

The crowd funding effort for “the UnPresidented deck” has reached almost, as of this writing,
300% of its stated goal, and still has three days until the project’s call for pledges ends.

As the Digital Journal explains:

The UNPRESIDENTED deck, like an ancient deck, each suit has unique symbolism as Spades represents the Trump Administration that includes such notables as Stephen Miller, KellyAnne Conway, Scott Pruitt, and Sarah Huckabee-Sanders… and of course, Donald Trump! Actually, Donald Trump is the “King” (literally and figuratively) of every suit. Other suits are: Clubs which reflects Congress; Diamonds relate to “Trump & Friends”; and Hearts shows Trump family and Allies. And of course we have a two sided, “Comey Joker”, dressed as a “devilish jester” holding a trident that has “skewered” Trump on one side and Hillary on the other.

Editorial Cartoonist Brian Duffy is the artist for the deck.

Developed in conjunction with Des Moines’s very own, nationally recognized and award winning political cartoonist, Mr. Brian Duffy. Brian was the editorial cartoonist at the Des Moines Register for over 25 years and now is a syndicated cartoonist in over 400 regular publications. Brian’s artwork uniquely captures the elements of each individual while also incorporating hidden in plain sight, “Easter Eggs” that lampoon or elaborate on the depicted subject. “Everything that I have included in the artwork has some sort of meaning or relevance, from the colors used to items in, on, or around the individual. It is really mental as well as visual art!” Duffy says.

  • Traditionally cut Poker cards (2.5″ x 3.5″)
  • Casino-grade card stock for optimal handling
  • Air Cushion Finish for ideal playability and cardistry
  • Metalic ink finish for extra flair


Go to The UnPresidented Deck kickstarter page for information
about the playing cards, art prints, uncut sheets, and more.


Of course The UnPresidented Deck is not unprecedented.

Decks of playing cards in support of your favorite nominees have been popular
for, at least, the last few presidential election cycles.

And, as always, patriotic and historical decks are available.