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The Daily Cartoonist is on hiatus

Perhaps you’ve noticed the site has not been updated for awhile now. I certainly didn’t intend to go this long without mentioning something, but since several individuals have contacted me asking if I was okay or what was going on with the blog, I’m long overdue for some level of public explanation. The Daily Cartoonist […]

Posted on: May 2, 2016,  Section: Daily Cartoonist, Comments: 27 Comments

John Locher Award expanded to graphic journalists, web cartoonists

The John Locher Award has a new website and an expanded criteria for eligibility that includes graphic journalists and web cartoonists. Application for the award is now free.  For full eligibility details, visit the new site. Entry deadline is April 15.

Posted on: Feb 17, 2016,  Section: AAEC-feed, Editorial cartooning, Comments: 3 Comments

Matt Bors’ The Nib lands at First Look Media

A nice development for Matt Bors’ The Nib. First Look Media today announced that they have partnered with award winning cartoonist Matt Bors on his irreverent comics publication, The Nib. Formerly part of the online platform Medium, The Nib will re-launch this summer through First Look Media as an independent daily publication and online newsletter. […]

Posted on: Feb 11, 2016,  Section: AAEC-feed, Editorial cartooning, Comments: 2 Comments

Production error places Off the Mark into Pearls Before Swine Sunday comic

A “production error” in yesterday’s funny pages placed Mark Parisi’s Off the Mark inside Stephan Pastis’s Pearls Before Swine in a number of newspapers. The full scope of the glitch is unknown at this point, but readers on a Pearls Before Swine fan page listed some of the newspapers affected which reportedly include: Los Angeles […]

Posted on: Feb 8, 2016,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 6 Comments

Mell Lazarus honored with NCS Medal Of Honor

From the National Cartoonist Society website: On January 23, the National Cartoonists Society awarded Mell Lazarus, cartoonist of the long-running comic strip Momma, with the NCS Medal of Honor in Los Angeles, California. The Medal of Honor was created in 2015 to honor past Reuben Award winners with recognition for their lifetime contributions to the […]

Posted on: Feb 7, 2016,  Section: Comic strips, National Cartoonist Society, Comments: Comments Off on Mell Lazarus honored with NCS Medal Of Honor

Cartoonist Linus Maurer, namesake of Peanuts Linus character, passes at age 90

From Economic Times: LOS ANGELES: Linus Maurer, a cartoonist and illustrator whose old friend and colleague Charles M. Schulz borrowed his first name for Charlie Brown’s blanket-wielding best friend Linus in his ” Peanuts” comic strip and cartoons, has died at age 90. Maurer died Jan. 29 in Sonoma, California, his longtime partner Mary Jo […]

Posted on: Feb 6, 2016,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 2 Comments

Peanuts Movie streaming available on 16th anniversary of Charles Schulz passing

I noticed The Peanuts Movie was listed as being available for streaming on February 12 on Apple iTunes. That date is significant as the anniversary of the passing of Charles Schulz 16 years ago. The video also becomes available on Amazon instant streaming on that date. For those of you wanting to buy the DVD or Blu-ray, […]

Posted on: Feb 5, 2016,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 1 Comment

Mark Trail cartoonist Jack Elrod passes at age 91

Mark Trail cartoonist Jack Elrod has passed at the age of 91. You can read the full obituary in the Gainesville Times. Jack Elrod Jr., a Gainesville native who spent 64 years working on the nationally syndicated outdoor comic ?Mark Trail,? died Wednesday. He was 91. Elrod began his time with the comic strip alongside […]

Posted on: Feb 4, 2016,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 1 Comment

Oregonian pulls Non Sequitur strips in wake of stand-off shooting

The Oregonian pulled three strips from a Non Sequitur week-long strip series that poked fun at the armed occupants of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon. The series ran January 25-30, but after one of the militant leaders was shot on the 27th during an attempt to arrest him by authorities, the paper […]

Posted on: Feb 4, 2016,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 2 Comments

Angouleme Festival presents fake awards; upset everyone

Brigid Alverson writes at Robot6: The ceremony began with comedian Richard Gaitet, clad in a neon-blue suit and red bow tie, announcing, ?This will be the shortest ceremony in history, because all we want to do is drink and dance.? He proceeded to present nine awards in rapid succession, including the award for best series […]

Posted on: Feb 1, 2016,  Section: Cartoons, International, Comments: 3 Comments

Egyptian cartoonist arrested for running website without a license

From the New York Times: An Egyptian cartoonist, whose work is occasionally critical of government figures, was arrested in the capital, Cairo, on Sunday and charged with running a webpage without a license, the country’s Interior Ministry said in a statement. The arrest of Islam Gaweesh appears to be part of an intensified clampdown on […]

Posted on: Jan 31, 2016,  Section: AAEC-feed, Editorial cartooning, Comments: Comments Off on Egyptian cartoonist arrested for running website without a license

Tom Richmond Featured On Minnesota Original television show

Posted on: Jan 29, 2016,  Section: Caricature, Comments: 1 Comment

Between Friends Cartoonist Sandra Bell-Lundy Starts Speakers Series

From Niagra This Week: Bell-Lundy has invited some of her comic friends to form a speaker series aimed at inspiring a new generation of comic creators. She has teamed up with the Grimsby Public Library to offer three evenings of comic-centred discussion beginning next month. The speaker series runs the first Thursday of the month […]

Posted on: Jan 28, 2016,  Section: Comic Books, Comments: 2 Comments

Peter Dunlap-Shohl publishes graphic novel about living with Parkinson”s disease

Former Anchorage Daily News editorial cartoonist Peter Dunlap-Shohl has published a new graphic novel entitled “My Degeneration: A Journey Through Parkinson’s.” From the Anchorage Daily News: When Peter Dunlap-Shohl, the former editorial cartoonist for the Anchorage Daily News, received a diagnosis of Parkinson?s disease at age 43, he saw his whole world collapsing. Thirteen years later, […]

Posted on: Jan 15, 2016,  Section: AAEC-feed, Editorial cartooning, Comments: 2 Comments

Hilary Price to teach class on cartooning

Rhymes with Orange creator Hilary Price will be teaching a class on cartooning in April. The description from the course website: What are the components of a caption cartoon? (Plot, setting, characters, surprise… all in a snapshot.) Each day’s lecture will focus on a different element of panel cartooning and I’ll assign exercises to strengthen that […]

Posted on: Jan 15, 2016,  Section: Cartoons, comic, Comic strips, Comments: 2 Comments