Hilary Price to teach class on cartooning

Rhymes with Orange creator Hilary Price will be teaching a class on cartooning in April.

The description from the course website:

What are the components of a caption cartoon? (Plot, setting, characters, surprise… all in a snapshot.) Each day’s lecture will focus on a different element of panel cartooning and I’ll assign exercises to strengthen that cartooning muscle. During this class you will learn ways to generate ideas, execute them effectively in a drawing, and make them as funny as possible. Our goal will be to have three finished cartoons and a batch of roughs for future fine-tuning. We will be looking at other cartoonists’ processes for inspiration, but the focus will be on generating our own work.  

You don’t need an art background, but you will need to know how to post pictures of your work on the site. They will be used for feedback and discussion with the class. At the conclusion of the class, each student will receive an email with detailed comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the work they turned in over the week, as well as assignments for independent work and tips to move forward.

The course isn’t cheap – the one week tuition is $500.

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