Angouleme Festival presents fake awards; upset everyone

Brigid Alverson writes at Robot6:

The ceremony began with comedian Richard Gaitet, clad in a neon-blue suit and red bow tie, announcing, ?This will be the shortest ceremony in history, because all we want to do is drink and dance.? He proceeded to present nine awards in rapid succession, including the award for best series to Saga, best comic for young people to Aaron Renier?s The Unsinkable Walker Bean, and the Fauve d?Or, the big prize, to Arsène Schrauwen, by Olivier Schrauwen. And then two women appeared and said, ?Bravo Richard, for that joke about the false fauves [awards] and the size of the Grand Prix. We laughed a lot, but now we must go.? And then they presented the real awards because that first set? That was fake.

What is going on over there?

3 thoughts on “Angouleme Festival presents fake awards; upset everyone

  1. You know, there are ways to make that funny, like announcing the winners and naming off people who weren’t nominated and who actually have no connection to comics at all. You know, just name a random famous person and the fake title of a book they never actually wrote. That’d break the ice a little.

    Unfortunately they have a different idea of what’s funny.

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