Production error places Off the Mark into Pearls Before Swine Sunday comic

A “production error” in yesterday’s funny pages placed Mark Parisi’s Off the Mark inside Stephan Pastis’s Pearls Before Swine in a number of newspapers. The full scope of the glitch is unknown at this point, but readers on a Pearls Before Swine fan page listed some of the newspapers affected which reportedly include:

Los Angeles Times (CA)
Hartford Courant (CT)
The Times-Picayune (LA)
Louisville Courier-Journal (KY)
The Baltimore Sun (MA)
Star Ledger (NJ)
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (NY)
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (PA)
Houston Chronicle (TX)

The San Jose Mercury News has posted a single sentence explanation that states, “due to a production error, “Pearls Before Swine” was inadvertently switched with “Off the Mark” in Sunday’s comics section.

6 thoughts on “Production error places Off the Mark into Pearls Before Swine Sunday comic

  1. The fans of Pearls Before Swine went online to find the strip. Nice way to drive more newspaper readers to the internet. How did something like this happen? I’d bet Mr. Pastis isn’t very happy right about now. I wonder how many make goods had to be paid out?

  2. A question to the community…..

    I am currently a starving cartoonist looking for advice on how to get my career started.

    All words of wisdom from the community welcome. Some quick questions.

    1. Which magazine are best to get accepted to?
    2. How long does it take to get a response on submissions?
    3. Any and all pearls of wisdom from the community.

  3. Seeing how Stephan Pastis has often done parodies of other strips, I wonder how many thought the mix-up was planned.

  4. Quick response to Rich McMahon @3:
    The best way to get responses to all of your questions is to subscribe to Gag Recap. This magazine gives an extensive list of cartoons that have been published in magazines during each month, notes on new markets, and other such information.

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