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Mark Trail cartoonist Jack Elrod passes at age 91

Mark Trail cartoonist Jack Elrod has passed at the age of 91.

You can read the full obituary in the Gainesville Times.

Jack Elrod Jr., a Gainesville native who spent 64 years working on the nationally syndicated outdoor comic ?Mark Trail,? died Wednesday. He was 91.

Elrod began his time with the comic strip alongside its creator, fellow Gainesville native Ed Dodd, in 1950 and took over the strip in 1978 before retiring in 2014. He also won numerous conservation awards from agencies such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Forest Service. Dodd began the comic in 1946.

The strip continues with James Allen.

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#1 Mike Lester
@ 11:25 am

An Atlanta celebrity who invited a local teenager over for a window into cartooning. A fine and generous man.

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