Penny Arcade turns 15

The webcomic Penny Arcade turns 15 on the 18th of this month.

We?ve done a lot in the last 15 years. We were among the first people to create webcomics. We?ve used the strip to tear down and applaud countless games. We accidentally sold the rights to the comic and then got them back. We lost all our book rights and had to go to court to get them returned. We got married (not to each other) and had kids. We went from just Jerry and I to 15 full time employees. We?ve created PAX and Child?s Play. We beat Jack Thompson. We?ve made video games and board games. We started a scholarship for young game makers. We invented the word Bullshot, and the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory. We were in Time magazine?s 100 most influential people. We created the Cardboard Tube Samurai, Lookouts, the New Kid, and Automata. We made podcasts and TV shows. We created Strip Search and catapulted a whole new group of web cartoonists into the spotlight. We?ve been threatened with lawsuits more times that I can count. We?ve created comic books, songs, and ads for some of the biggest games in the industry as well as some of the smallest. We?ve played Dungeons and Dragons on a stage in front of 2000 screaming people. We?ve played board games with a member of the Starship Enterprise. We?ve been honored by the Washington State Senate. We?ve become friends with many of our heroes from games and comics. We?ve been hugged and cursed at. We have given you unedited access to our lives and our thoughts. We?ve shared our struggles with depression and anxiety in the hopes of helping others. Sometimes we?re funny or smart or right and rarely all three. Sometimes we feel like we?re making our best work. Sometimes it?s just the best .jpg we could make that day. Some days it feels like the easiest job in the world and others it feels impossible. I can?t imagine doing anything else for the last 15 years and I can?t think of anything I?d rather do for the next 15.

Not a shabby run. Here’s to another 15.

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  1. An amazingly funny pair that have created one hell of a comic and one hell of a business … not to mention all the good things they’ve done for for others. Congrats and here’s to 15 more.


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