This week – another shot at an original Jeff MacNelly Shoe

Last Monday, I posted an original Jeff MacNelly Shoe as a perk to a lucky (and quick!) donor to the Fund The Daily Cartoonist campaign. It was claimed in less than an hour.

Susie MacNelly, who has always been a generous supporter of the blog, has offered to provide an original so we can do this all again. But there will be a few changes. I’m going to put the original up as a perk on Indiegogo later this week. That gives enough time to spread the word – most people didn’t even know the first one was available until it was gone. Second – I’m going to set the donation level higher. Like last time, each day the perk isn’t claimed, I remove it and create a new one (same original) but the donation level decreases $25. Essentially, if you want the original you have to balance waiting for the price you want but the longer you hold out, the more likely someone will claim it first.

I will be posting the scan of the original soon. Good luck!