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I’m not the only one raising money

Running my own crowd-funded campaign has made me more sensitive to the hard work that goes into a campaign. Here are a few that have come across my email that you might be interested in (after you support TDC???)

Tundra creator Chad Carpenter is raising $50k for a live action comedy/suspense movie. With a few hours left, he’s raised $60,725. You can read more about the film in the Anchorage Daily News.

One of The Daily Cartoonists past and current supporters Jarrett Osborne (creator of The Pursuit of Mandy) is creating a new syndicate for artists where the “vast amount” of its profits are directed into charities. It’s very altruistic, no doubt. He’s inspired to help his son Harrison who has a rare Kidney disease. The Toronto Sun has a write up about his efforts and his son.

Another past and current supporter of TDC is Keith Poletiek, creator of Dude and Dude. He’s raising money for his first comic strip collection book.

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