Comic page changes for the week

F Minus is the winner of The Tribune News (CO) comic poll. It replaces Sally Forth.

The Star Press (Muncie, IN) readers picked Fred Bassett over Thatababy and Stone Soup by a mere 9 votes. That might be a margin ripe for a recount request, but reading between the lines, I don’t think there was a big voter turn-out. Third place winner, Thatababy, took home 3 votes. Fred and Stone Soup got 29 and 20 receptively.

The Reporter (Vacaville, CA) is conducting a poll. In the running: Fort Knox, Freshly Squeezed, Home and Away, Pickles, Stone Soup and Thatababy. Poll ends December 4.

The Dallas Morning News has picked The Argyle Sweater and Dustin to run in their Sunday comic section.

The State Journal-Register, (Springfield, IL) is now running Fort Knox in their Sunday section.

13 thoughts on “Comic page changes for the week

  1. @Jan – not 32 votes. If the stated votes were all that was cast – then only 62 (29+20+3) were cast.

    If only 62 people cared enough to vote (not sure the paper’s circulation), the editor should have just picked on. S/He’s not going to tick that many people off.

  2. If one strip gets 60 votes and another gets 61 votes does the strip with 61 votes win and get a place? They should have a hung comic strip, 2 panels of one and two of the other and join them together…show em how idiotic these voting things are…..

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