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2010 Stanley Award winners presented

The Australian Cartoonists Association met this weekend for their Annual Stanley Awards event to honor the best in their industry. The winners are:

Cartoonist of the Year: David Pope of the Canberra Times
Caricaturist: David Rowe of the Australian Financial Review
Single Gag Cartoonist: Matt Golding
Graphic Media Artist: Geoff Richardson of the Sydney Morning Herald
Comic Strip Artist: Tony Lopes for Insanity Streak
Illustrator: Anton Emdin,
Editorial/Political Cartoonist: Mark Knight of the Herald Sun
Jim Russell Award (outstanding contribution to Australian cartooning): former ACA President Steve Panozzo
Comic Book Artist (new award this year): Dave Gaskill

Ginger Meggs cartoonist Jason Chatfield has posted several photos of the event on his Flickr page.

Community Comments

#1 Dan Thompson
@ 10:23 am

Hey! Congrats, Anton!! …and everyone else too!

#2 Terry LaBan
@ 10:39 am

Yeah, congrats, Anton! And everyone else, too. But Anton’s the only one I’ve actually met.

#3 Jason Chatfield
@ 8:34 pm

Well done all concerned.
A very talented bunch of people.

You can read more on the blog at:

#4 Anton Emdin
@ 7:58 pm

Thanks guys, that’s much appreciated. Well done to all the nominees and winners, too! There was a lot of great work this year.

Also, congrats to Jason Chatfield, who is the new ACA President!

#5 Alex Hallatt
@ 2:00 am

It was also great to have three visiting guests from the States – Stan Goldberg, Michael Jantze and Jason Seiler. They contributed to a great series of presentations, as well as being good company.

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