Marshall Ramsey dropped to part time

WAPT reports that Clarion-Ledger editorial cartoonist Marshall Ramsey has been dropped to part time status while another 14 newspaper staff were either laid off or also dropped to part-time.

Asked if he could say more about the paper’s decision, Marshall tells me that he was notified last Thursday of the paper’s decision and that because the paper hasn’t made any official public statements, he’s limited in what he can say other than to confirm that he’s being reduced to part-time status and will do four to five cartoons a week. He also appears to be upbeat about the news. He’s tells me that this downturn does present “new possibilities and innovations and allows me to grow in ways I could not before. It’s not a total loss, but did come as a shock.”

Marshall’s blog post today is a re-post of something he wrote earlier this year about the turn of events in life that might seem negative, but end up being the best things. It’s a good read and recommended.

7 thoughts on “Marshall Ramsey dropped to part time

  1. I personally think the Clarion Ledger is making a big mistake. Marshall Ramsey’s political cartoons are one of the biggest draws to the newspaper. He is the closest thing they have to anyone of celebrity status on their staff. If all I want is news I will watch TV or get it from the internet. They are lucky to have a man of Marshall Ramsey’s talent and they should re-consider.

  2. He’ll do 4-5 cartoons a week as a part timer? Does that mean he did 8-10 cartoons as a full timer?

  3. Just for the heck of it, when I went out at 6:15 a.m. to get the paper (The Clarion-Ledger) this morning, I took a short walk up and down our street, counting driveways as I went. I counted 19. Besides ours, I saw ONLY TWO neighbors with the newspaper waiting for them, which tells me the C-L is already in trouble (BTW, today’s 22-page edition has only 15 ads in it, not including the half-page of classifieds). Now they’ve cut the number of cartoons Marshall (Mississippi’s only staff cartoonist) will produce for them. Yeah, that was a REALLY sound business decision on their part, cutting back on a unique and exclusive feature of the paper (most of his ‘toons are directed at local or state subjects) that many its readers count on seeing 6-7 days a week!

  4. Marshall usually drew seven cartoons a week. Readers aren’t used to seeing a cartoon in that spot that’s not created by Marshall Ramsey.
    Basically they want Marshall to produce as much as regular staff cartoonists but with half the pay and no benefits.

    Knowing Marshall as well as I do, I can guarantee he won’t stay down. He may not be on a staff somewhere but he’ll find a new opportunity. He’s dedicated to his family and he won’t let them suffer.

  5. John doesn’t anybody go to the paper shop in the US and get a paper there?There are at least ten other choices there aren’t there?

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