Priggee cartoons on Tea Party shirts?

Just noticed the early organization of a new movement inside the Tea Party movement called Replace This Face March. Looks like some capitalist activity taking advantage of the Tea rage, but anyway… the goal is to get two or three million Americans (party affiliation agnostic) all wearing the same t-shirt on October 16 for “the Million ‘Tea’ Shirt March.” I was even more surprised to see the caricature work of Milt Priggee on the front of the shirts. At the moment, I only see to shirts in the store – an anti-Harry Reid and anti-Nancy Pelosi.

The artwork is cool anyway. Props to Priggee.

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  1. Hmmm. I wonder if Milt knows somebody lifted his artwork for these shirts? If they didn’t get his permission and/or did not pay for the rights to this art, things could be about to turn quite interesting for the “Replace The Face” folks.

  2. What an enlightened choice to make Nancy Pelosi look like an evil witch! And so clever!!!

  3. Milt’s info has been added back onto the shirts and credit provided on It was completely my fault when removing the purple backgrounds from the original, so it would blend better onto the white tee. We LOVE Milt’s work and did not mean any disrespect. Just an honest mistake.

    Replace This Face, when operational, will be a valuable tool for candidates to appear on a national database, where anyone can access specific races by searching zip codes, states, districts, etc. Once the info is returned for the search, if the candidate has signed up, there will be a specific page for the person to state his case, offer his opinions and be seen by millions of potential voters. Candidates with both large and small budgets can afford it, and if they begin to mention the site in the media – it not only will improve their chances of being seen – but all the other Republicans as well. Not to mention that page will also offer a link to send donations DIRECTLY to that candidate. (Ex. If your senate race isn’t up for grabs this year, you can easily locate and donate funds to other candidates that may be running and need the support.)

    Time to get organized and fight them Dems using the same technology that they used in the last election cycle.

    The MIllion Tea Shirt March is also a campaign fund-raising opportunity for candidates to offer at rallies and other events. They can purchase shirts in bulk (for a little less) and then make some money for their funds in the process.

    Both concepts were created as “tools” to help Republican reps. One to increase campaign funds. Another to increase awareness for ALL those running and allow for direct donations.

  4. We definitely will be using Milt again (with all credit to him) if perhaps California wants “Barbara Boxer” shirts, etc. 🙂 I think the art is incredible and the shirts are actually VERY GOOD QUALITY – very thick, high-grade material. Definitely worth the $20 – as I have many cheaper shirts that just fall apart. This one looks like it will last for years.

  5. Replace This Face should be operational in a week or two. We are testing the search engine off-site, to fix any bugs. You are all welcome to check back and see how it works then, and we hope you spread the word of it’s value in easily locating areas that funds can be redirected in getting the Dems out and our candidates in (thus Replacing This Face.)

  6. Will you do one of Sarah Palin screeching ‘Drill Baby Drill’ with some oil soaked loons flopping around in the background? You know, loons behind the Great Loon?

  7. Neat idea, David! But why is it called ‘replace this face’? I like that it rhymes, but I don’t get it. Am I missing something? Do you mean the person that’s wearing it?

  8. Are you going to use any webcomic artists in the future? How will you install the monitor on the shirt?

  9. “Both concepts were created as ?tools? to help Republican reps.”

    Isn’t using the word “Tea” kind of misleading then? Every time a liberal observer says the Tea Party movement is essentially a Republican tool (to use your word in a slightly different context), there is a cascade of outrage insisting that it’s pure non-partisan grassroots.

    If that’s true, you should be also marshalling forces against Republican incumbents, right?

  10. Guy, when you go to the site, you will see pictures of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama. The catchy phrase is in hopes people can easily remember the web address so they will use it or mention it to others. “Replace This Face” is based upon helping the Republicans take positions that are currently filled by another party. So “putting the right face in the right place” is also one of our taglines. The site will exist mostly as a tool to help those not already holding a congressional or senate seat to have a forum if their own (in a national database) and allow people to help their causes financially. Incumbants also can have a membership for re-election, but the real power of it is that if your state’s rep is not up for election this year, you can STILL make things happen by easily locating another state where Dems are in power and contribute to the Republican there.

  11. Mike, we also own themillionteeshirtmarch, themilliontshirtmarch, millionteeshirtmarch, milliontshirtmarch, millionteashirtmarch, etc.

    We do not mean to disrespect the Tea Party members, heck…we actually used the name for the opposite reason. We want their support because we are after the same result in the end. There is no deeper, political meaning as your question begs to debate. Honestly was an attempt at a clever name, but could have been any of the others listed above.

    The tee shirt march is a movement to:
    a) show govt. we are all fed up by everyone wearing one of the shirts on Oct. 16
    b) allow candidates a funny, and memorable way to help increae their campaign funds
    and c) create awareness and make fun of the Dems at the same time.

    That’s pretty much it.

  12. Republicans want other Republicans elected. Tea Party wants Republicans elected. Whether or not incumbants recognize the Party for it’s contributions or not is really up to those specific reps. We can only control what we can control and as mentioned previously, we all want the same results in most cases.

  13. Well, if there was any doubt, there you have it–the “Tea Party” is not an independent movement, it’s a fully-owned subsidiary of the GOP. We gonna see any of these government-hating folks burning their Social Security checks anytime soon? I didn’t think so.

  14. Which means that the blurb on the website for this organization, which I just checked out, is maintaining an absolute and total lie. Nice friends you have there, Milt.

  15. Wow…really? So you’re going to be “that guy?” LOL! Terry, excuse me for mis-stating the movement and the organization. It was my mistake. I am not as politically savvy as you (obviously), so I guess the very next thing to do is hit the extreme and say everything in a certain blurb you mention is a complete lie?

    Take a pill dude. Milt is a good guy. We are not tyrants or evil-doers. We are all people that want the same thing. Why is it that people want to make such a controversy over everything.

    Let me just say that I am a “newbie” personally, when compared to the other folks who came up with this idea to help. They are conservatives who care. I don’t know much compared to the “great Terry”, but I am taking an active interest and have learned quite a bit in the process. Unfortunately I have learned that people will quickly BASH you in your journey to understand how everything works in the area. I feel sorry for you that whatever happens in your personal life makes you attack someone for an honest mistake. Maybe your profession does not allow for error when learning something new to them?

    So I leave here hoping most of your look into the site, use it to make a difference because we are all going in the same direction. And for the attacking bully…ironically, I use your same quote…”Nice friends you have there MIlt.”

  16. Anyway…I just wanted to apologize to MIlt. That was my whole intention of coming here in the first place. So sorry man, I have corrected the issue and your sig is now back where it should be on the shirt designs, etc. might take a day or two before the new artwork shows up on the order page (since it is an offsite server.) Thanks a bunch for all your help.

    I wish the rest of you nothing but success in the future (even you Terry). I did not come here to incite any arguments and know you are entitled to your own opinion. Regardless of what you may now have firmly in place in your mind, we genuinely do want these sites to work as a tool for the candidates. Whether you call it Tea Party, Republican or whatever. That was (and still remains) the goal. So sorry to you as well for getting worked up at you accusations. You are not the only one who is quick to judge in this world – I should have let things be. Again…learning from mistakes. If I get ripped for making an error from time to time, then I’m sure my life has a lot more “ripping” ahead of me! LOL!

    Take care everyone, and thanks again Milt.

  17. guy – It’s a shakedown of a bunch of angry white guys with more dollars than sense who are thrashing around in impotent blind rage and throwing off lots of dollars in the process. Get in on the gravy train while the getting is good!

  18. Stay strong David. Freedom of speech applies to everyone, even those from the left who are blinded by Hope and Change rhetoric compared to factual-based reality.

  19. Larry, nobody is trying to take away conservative voices. They’re just asking conservatives to stop lying.

    You own the freakin’ media — otherwise, why do Glenn McCoy, Lisa Benson, Gary Varvel and Mike Lester get published in the “MSM” while Ted Rall, Matt Bors and Jen Sorensen are relegated to “alternative media”???? (I say this with all due respect to those cartoonists.)

    And, specific to this, why do conservatives lie about the Tea Party Movement and pretend that it is (A) grassroots and (B) non-partisan, and then turn around and produce “official” Tea Party gear that is specifically intended to promote Republican candidates and defeat Democrats?

    It’s not an issue of “free speech.” It’s an issue of “honesty.” Stop looking for commies under your bed and start looking for liars in your own ranks.

  20. “It?s not an issue of ?free speech.? It?s an issue of ?honesty.? Stop looking for commies under your bed and start looking for liars in your own ranks.”

    While you’re looking, start looking for some solutions to the problems this country is facing. I can’t remember the last time “conservatives” actually offered a solution to something they were upset about.

  21. @Mike Peterson
    “why do Glenn McCoy, Lisa Benson, Gary Varvel and Mike Lester get published in the ?MSM? while Ted Rall, Matt Bors and Jen Sorensen”

    Maybe because they suck?

  22. @Steve Skelton
    ?It?s not an issue of ?free speech.? It?s an issue of ?honesty.?

    Can’t get more honest than Nancy “We’ve got to pass it so we can know what’s in it…” Pelosi…

    You can always tell a democrat by the vitriol dripping from their lips…

  23. Well, I gotta hand it to you, it only took a couple of days to pass a Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq in 2002, which, of course was based on lies about weapons of mass destruction.

  24. Wow, David Ferguson, freakin’ out over here! I’m not sure what all the personal attacks are about–I never claimed to be “greater” or more knowledgeable than anyone else. But when on your own site you claim that your movement is one of ‘Republicans, Democrats and independents” and then you come on here and boast about how your trying to elect Republicans exclusively, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a. your site is, to put it politely, disingenuous and’re a Republican shill. Now, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with being a Republican shill–I’m sure you have what you consider to be good reasons for supporting a party and a philosophy that’s done incalculable damage to this country for the last 30 years. But don’t pretend that you have some kind of broad-based independent movement or that you want anything different from what Republicans always want. Sorry if that hurts your feelings, but if you’re looking for uncritical affirmation, maybe you should confine your comments to forums for bitter old white people who think that they’re the only ones who are entitled to government largesse.

  25. What I want to know is where was the “Tea Party” before Obama? I guess everything was cool during the president Cheney years? No problems at all, right?
    Let’s not forget the incredible support this “independant, grassroots political movement” got from FOX news.
    To me their motives are even more transparent the when McCain picked Palin of all people to be his running mate.
    What a bunch of B.S.

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