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Sage advice from Ruben Bolling for Everyone Draw Mohammed Day

For those planning to participate in “Everyone Draw Mohammed Day”, Ruben Bolling has some sage advice for you.

Community Comments

#1 Richard Cross
@ 5:16 am

Two whole days and no comments so far on this subject? Hmmm, interesting. Well then, I guess I’m not taking any chances either. Ruben (The Infidel), “TAG!”, you’re it! :O)

#2 Tom Wood
@ 8:31 am

It’s a shame that concepts like ‘evidence’ and ‘reason’ aren’t easily captured in a cartoon. Because that’s what we should be focusing our attention on, not the icons of a few iron age religions that are well past their use-by date.

#3 Dan Collins
@ 9:32 pm

Good one Ruben!

#4 Terry LaBan
@ 9:06 am

Notice he didn’t actually use the name or image of the Big M. But hey, I’m not brave, either.

#5 Derf Backderf
@ 8:10 pm

Ruben Bolling is a coward! It’s easy to draw Mo cartoons while hiding behind a pen name.

Oh crap. Waitaminute. I use a pen name, too…

#6 Aaron Worthing
@ 1:02 pm

well, feel free to send any drawings here:

draw early, draw often, and offend a terrorist today.

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