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News Briefs for September 11, 2008

Due to time constraints here’s a round up of stories (big and small) that I’ve not been able to cover:

» Richard Thompson’s Cul de Sac just turned one year old yesterday – at least as a syndicated comic strip. Universal Press has indicated the Richard’s comic is now running in “about 200 newspapers.” The comic existed before as a weekly feature in the Washington Post since 2004.

» Gil Thorp has turned 50.

» Those living in Columbia, Missouri can head over to Ragtag Cinema for a free viewing of the documentary Caveman: V.T. Hamlin and Alley Oop and meet with its producer Mark Lambert and Alley Oop cartoonists Jack and Carole Bender. Show time is 7:30 p.m.

» Tom Richmond will now be speaking at this year’s Toonfest. He’s also posted the schedule of the speakers.

» Charles Brubaker has interviewed Keith Knight.

» Another interview with Lucas Turnbloom.

» John Hambrock will be speaking to Carthage College’s Fine Arts, Graphic Arts, and Science students about being a syndicated cartoonist on the 25th of September.

» Bob Gorrell will speak at Bridgewater College on the 24th. Admission is free.

» Michael Ramirez has a new book out entitled, “The Truth May Hurt… But It’s Still Funny”.

» Jack Ohman spoke to the Columbia Forum last week. Great write-up in the Daily Astorian.

» Previously, I’ve written that Tom Tomorrow (Ruben Bolling) and Lloyd Dangle would be at this year’s Small Press Expo to talk about alternative cartooning. A new press release posted on Mike Rhode’s blog indicate that the line-up for that panel is now Ted Rall, Ruben Bolling and Matt Wuerker.

» If this year’s woes in the newsroom seemed extreme, many in the business are saying that 2009 could be worse as there are no big event like the Olympics or the presidential election to infuse money into advertising budgets.

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#1 Charles Brubaker
@ 9:05 am

Actually that Mike Ramirez book is titled “Everyone Has the RIGHT to My Opinion.”

A bit expensive, but I think I might buy it, being a Ramirez fan that I am…

Thanks for linking to my K. Knight interview.

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