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News Briefs for September 15, 2008

» Matt Davies returns home to Westport CT to speak. He calls himself, “the only redheaded, English-accented graduate from Staples High School to win a Pulitzer prize.”

» The Washington Times has picked up Charlos Garyas a new employee. Congrats to Charlos.

» Bo Nanas creator John Kovaleski is now a blogger.

» Tom Toles talks about his reaction to finding out presidential candidate Barack Obama was quoting his cartoon without citation. Asked how he felt about it he responded, “I thought about it, but didnâ??t come to a conclusion.”

» Daryl Cagle adds three cartoonists – one of which is Zapiro who stirred up South Africa this week with a controvercial cartoon.

» Bill Mangold, has been named as the “target” of the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual “Ellen Ewing Roast Award.” He’ll be roasted on September 19.

» The Bristol Herald Courier (VA) has added four editorial cartoonists to their editorial page. They added Nick Anderson, Clay Bennett, Lisa Benson, and Signe Wilkinson. All four cartoonists are syndicated through WPWG.

» Anthony Rubino Jr, co-creator with Gary Markstein is profiled in The New Jersey Journal.

» Mark Schulz who took over Prince Valiant in 2004 has a really good Q&A about the comic, its history and his career over on

» Alison Bechdel’s book The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For that will be out this December is reviewed by Pink News.

Community Comments

@ 11:23 pm

Matt Davies is just plain funny! We have written back and so-on and he is natural and a laff riot!
Conrad is also very entertaining.
Jeff MacNelly was droll, but I caught him chuckling once. Bill Sanders is a smart aleck that alot of people do not like, but we agreed philosophically, so had a good time anyway.
Dick Locher is a decent human being…a great guy. DL is a conservative, but old school. More like the Everett Dirksen’s of the past than the Fascist neocon nihilists of today.

#2 Mike Lester
@ 8:51 am

“Fascist neocon nihilists of today.”

If there was ever an accurate moniker thy name be “Kranky”. Thank God (yes, THAT God) for us all.

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