Borgman tells readers why he’s leaving Enquirer

Jim Borgman shocked the editorial cartooning community when he announced last week that he was taking a buyout and leaving the Cincinnati Enquirer and the editorial cartooning profession.

He writes:

I don’t know if I’ll miss this precious real estate I’ve enjoyed and the chance to talk about anything on my mind. I do look forward to reading a newspaper without a highlighter in my hand. Sometimes lately when I watch the news I feel like a butcher looking at a field full of cows. I don’t see the animals anymore, just the hamburger. That’s a good sign that it’s time to shake yourself off and do something else.

The thing I treasure most from these years is the relationship you and I have built, meeting over coffee every morning. When my editor suggested that it was a shame to let that lapse, I agreed and came up with an idea.

Regarding the weekly feature he mentioned in my interview, he’s also leaked a few more clues as to what it will look like.

Over the years I’ve played at creating a weekly comic strip devoted to just us and this curious place we live. Outsiders won’t get it.

All I can tell you so far is that it will be about a little flying pig who lives in the back booth of a chili parlor in a quirky town called Porkopolis. Watch this space in January.

Mike Cavna has also written an interview with Jim.

4 thoughts on “Borgman tells readers why he’s leaving Enquirer

  1. Cows and hamburgers. Does that mean that the guess that he thought that American politics was getting a bit over a joke and a bit too easy to parody? Can someone please remind me who suggested that might be the reason?

  2. I’d say it’s because it’s getting harder for Jim to work on editorials and “Zits” at the same time. Since he figured that Zits is more popular and probably brings in more dough, he decided to focus on that one instead.

  3. This speaks to Jim Borgman’s professionalism and as his being one heck of a good artist. Knowing when you need a change, and being able to make that change, are two admirable qualities.
    Did I mention what an awesome artist he is?

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