Nickelodeon cover to feature Thompson artwork

Richard Thompson, creator of Cul de Sac and Richard’s Poor Almanac has drawn the cover art for the November issue of the comic book section which appears as a regular feature in Nickelodeon Magazine. It hits the newsstands on Oct. 21.

Nickelodeon Magazine is a humor and general interest magazine for kids with a circulation of 900,000. The magazine comes out 10 times a year and each issue is filled with comics, strange-but-true stories, pranks to pull on family and friends, puzzles, celebrities and assorted fun stuff.

Thompson’s cover art features a special election theme. Cats and dogs are vying for the vote. Cats are carrying “Vote for Cat in 2008” and a canine group holds similar signs with “Vote for Dog,” “Bow Wow,” and “Bark the Vote.”

3 thoughts on “Nickelodeon cover to feature Thompson artwork

  1. Awesome! I’ve become a big fan of Thompson ever since I first saw Cul-De-Sac and Richard’s Poor Almanac is hilarious. His sense of line, color and humor make him fun to read. It’s hard to mix politics and humor, but he does it well. Yay Richard!

  2. I’ve not read Poor Richards Almanac, but Thompsons art is drawn very funny. I especially like the way he drew those kids holding the yarn on the way to the library. They’re very simple and proportionate in size to his adults adults, each with their own winter outfit. They’re very animated even with their stubby arms and legs. Drawing kids that are too lanky and big for a comic strip is a mistake I think a lot of people make.
    Working for Nickalodeon Magizine is a great move. Their sponge bob comics are hilarious, and it introduces Thompson’s work to a demographic that doesn’t read newpaper comics as much…little KIDS. The forgotten demographic that consumes the most cartoons but probably participates in zero comics polls.

  3. That’s awesome! Thompson’s work in Cul de Sac is wonderful. Glad to hear his art will have even more national exposure.

    I might have to pick that one up to check it out; maybe I’ll pass it on to my oldest son when I’m done:

    “Here you go, son, Nickelodeon Magazine!”

    “Wow! Thanks, Dad! *flips through magazine* Wait, Dad, there seems to be a page missing… Dad? Dad?”

    *me skulking off into the night*

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