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SF Chronicle drops two pages of Sunday comics

The San Francisco Chronicle has dropped their Sunday comic offering from six to four pages resulting in the loss of five features: Mister Boffo, the Fusco Brothers, Brevity, Tokyopop and Sherman’s Lagoon. Additionally, the moved Dilbert to the business section and picked up Darrin Bell’s Candorville.

Editors made their decisions with heavy influence on a comic poll conducted this summer that had 13,000 responses.

More changes are expected in the future not only in the Sunday paper, but the daily offerings as well based on the poll results.

The Sunday changes begin this weekend.

Community Comments

#1 Quint Nelson
@ 10:54 am

This newspaper is committing suicide. This is another boneheaded move by a newspaper hiding behind a old-skewing reader preference poll. The Chronicle is pathetic and they wonder why readers are leaving in droves.

#2 Danny Burleson
@ 11:22 am

Wow. And to think on Twitter I was joking that all the newspapers were ADDING pages. But removing them? That’d be like a TV station reducing “prime time” from 2 hours to 90 minutes but still running the same amount of commercials.

#3 Mick Masrtoianni
@ 1:29 pm

It doen’t really matter any way, this paper is doomed. I guess they figured, lets make it as crappy as possible by removing more comics… Deck chairs on the titanic my friend!!

#4 Paul Mason
@ 10:11 pm

I just bought a Sunday SF Chronicle newspaper, and I’ve been through every section, and I can’t find the comics.

What, SF Chronicle no longer has Sunday Comics?

Darn, that was the best part of your paper — fun and intelligent.

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