News Briefs for September 16, 2008

» Lynda Berry will be in San Francisco this Thursday at Booksmith to promote her book “What it is.” She then moves onto Washington D.C., New York, Wisconsin, Toronto, Montreal, Portland and L.A. Drawn and Quartered has links to many of those events.

» Clay Bennett is this week’s guest on Mr. Media today at 1 p.m. EST. It’s a live show, so you can call in or submit questions through a chat session.

» The Aaug blog reports that seven Charlie Brown specials are now available for digital download through the iTunes Music Store.

» Leigh Rubin is featured in The Sacramento Bee.

» American-Statesman and 28 other Cox newspapers are up for sale to pay down debt.

5 thoughts on “News Briefs for September 16, 2008

  1. Actually, Alan, Paul Gilligan came up with a much better idea than you report, and if you had read down to his Sept 5th post, you would have seen it was much more clever than putting out a stuffed animal to promote a movie “in time for the Christmas selling season” (Gak!)

    Here’s what Paul’s blog actually reports:

    “Ponchoâ??s Upcoming Journey
    By Paul | September 5, 2008
    Like most, I found the movie Amélie to be magical and delightful and inventive and wasted no time falling madly in love with the â??gamineâ? Audrey Tautou, (as she is invariably referred). Despite no effort whatsoever on my part she and I did not meet and live happily ever after, but many parts of the movie have remained with me, including the photos of her fatherâ??s mysteriously world-trotting garden gnome who appears posing in front of the landmarks of numerous cities.

    Wouldnâ??t it be great for Poncho to do the same? With that in mind we have turned to Lynn Wine, a sculpture major graduate at the Kansas City Art Institute, to create a plush version of the little grouch…”

    Here’s a link to Paul’s blog for the full story:

  2. Yes, Mark, you’re right. That was something that was originally written, but wasn’t meant to go live – as I had read his blog posts and was preparing a news article on the plush toy’s trip around the world.

    At least I didn’t publish somebody’s obit prematurely.

  3. I’m sorry, Alan. I didn’t mean to correct you. I didn’t realize that you posted information that’s not supposed to go live.
    My bad! Apologies!

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