Mike Cope writes “Last of the Funnies”

Last of the funnies Front Cover Sample

Mike Cope, a Canadian cartoonist and multimedia designer (also a regular here at The Daily Cartoonist), has written a book called “Last of the Funnies” a project he’s worked on for about a year now. The book’s plot is described as:

After a worldwide energy and economic crisis, newspapers have ceased production and nearly every form of art and entertainment is a digital simulation. In this seemingly impossible (but plausible) future, a crusty old cartoonist named Frost has a great gift to leave Giles, his only child. Frost is the creator of Li’l Nibs – the most celebrated comic strip about four little aliens who crash-landed on Earth during the crisis and aptly announced, “Weez Comez in Peez!”

However, to Giles, the funnies have caused nothing but conflict in his life. He’s grown to resent Frost’s crudely hand-drawn creations. But as the young Virtual Art professor soon learns, things aren’t always as they appear.

Like a cartoon wizard behind ink-stained curtains, Frost weaves a whimsical tale about the origins of the funnies, webcomics, and a terrorizing menace that threatens to kidnap every artist’s childhood dreams!

Whether Giles believes it or not, the fate of the funnies is in his hands . . .

I had the opportunity to read the final draft of the book and readily enjoyed it. It’s a quick read and I thought it justly emphasizes the magic of cartooning and delves into important topics such as comics after newspapers and digital copyrights. It’s a sci-fi book, but you won’t read about laser beams or aliens – except the ones in the comic.

You can read an excerpt from the book over on the “Last of the Funnies” web site.

8 thoughts on “Mike Cope writes “Last of the Funnies”

  1. As you know, Mike, I enjoyed the book…and your new website for it is very attractive. I wish you the best with this publishing adventure!

  2. Thanks for the mentioning, Alan, and also to John for the kind feedback. I’m glad you both enjoyed the book.

    Those interested in this project are invited to “toon-in” to Comics Coast to Coast’s next show … Provided our power doesn’t go out tonight!

  3. Chris: I’m looking into options about accepting orders (especially for those who cannot take advantage of Amazon.com’s free shipping offer). I should be able to share more about this by Monday.

    Canada’s Amazon.ca is currently in the process of adding the book to it’s database. I’ve been told that this could take several weeks to complete, so it currently appears as “unavailable.” Unfortunately, Amazon.com charges a ridiculous shipping fee for cross-border shoppers, but Lulu.com is a little more reasonable.

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