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Tonight’s YouTube/CNN GOP debate might include video animation from Nick Anderson

Over on Nick Anderson’s blog, comes word that he has submitted three video animations for the CNN/YouTube GOP debate that will be held tonight. There we over 4,000 video questions submitted, so the chance of one of his being used is pretty small. Computerworld has reviewed the videos and have compiled their top 10 best videos – one of which is Nick’s (#3).

Be watching the debate tonight to see if Nick’s animated videos are used. You can see his submissions below (the last one made Computerworld’s top 10).

Community Comments

#1 Dawn Douglass
@ 5:07 pm

Cool! I hope it’s used.

#2 Dawn Douglass
@ 8:20 pm

Hey, they used it. Way to go, Nick!

Loved what Fred Thompson said, btw. LOL

#3 Rich Diesslin
@ 9:59 pm

Nice 3D effect but the first two were hardly worth the energy they must have taken to produce (not particularly funny). Nice caricatures though. I think the third one was cute … it had a bit more punch in its punchline. My 2¢ anyway.

#4 Charles Brubaker
@ 2:23 am

You can watch the politicians’ response to the Nick Anderson video here:

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