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Nick Anderson’s animation is used on CNN/YouTube GOP debate (UPDATED)

Yesterday I mentioned that Houston Chronicle editorial cartoonist Nick Anderson had submitted three of his animations the GOP CNN/YouTube debate. One of the videos containing an animated Dick Chenney asking if the candidates would grant as much power to their vice president as President Bush has to his was used during the broadcast. Presidential candidates Fred Thompson and John McCain responded.

See the video and the response below:

Updated: Just heard from Nick. Naturally he was quite surprised to see the inclusion of his video. He wasn’t given any heads up, so he found out along with the rest of the nation by watching the debate. The Houston Chronicle featured it on their home page last night and he says his editors were quite thrilled as well.

CNN sliced the credits, so the other animation team members, Randy Davidson who does the voice work, and Oscar Campos who does animation were not credited, but naturally, they deserve some recognition as well.

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