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Tom Richmond reviews OS X 10.5 Leopard

Tom Richmond has been running Apple’s new OS X 10.5 AKA Leopard for a while now. He’s posted an artist-centric review of the OS on his blog.

He writes:

A week or so ago Apple released the first update to Leopard in version 10.5.1. I had already installed Leopard on my MacBook Pro to get the hang of it, but decided to take the plunge on my studio Mac Pro with the update. Iâ??ve been using it now for over a week and have had a chance to put it through some paces. Most reviews and articles on the new OS are geared for either geeks or general users, so I thought Iâ??d write my experiences based on the point of view of a working artist/illustrator … detailing what is working and what isnâ??t with respect to what an illustrator needs out of their computer.

The verdict is that Leopard is a worthy upgrade, has few issues with the hardware and software I need to do my work as an illustrator, and offers some fun stuff as well as some very useful features. I would not call it a must have upgrade, however. If you find some of your hardware or software may not play well with Leopard, Iâ??d advise you stick with Tiger until those issues are fully resolved.

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