Patrick McDonnell talks about his new book “Art”

The Austin American Statesman has a really good write up regarding Patrick McDonnell’s new book “Art.” Patrick’s first book “The Gift of Nothing” featured characters from his comic strip “Mutts,” but this new book is a complete departure from his Mutts strip.”‘Art’ is about a little kid who likes to draw and makes messes and I think it’s pretty autobiographical,” he says by phone from his New Jersey studio…. I actually took a photograph of my desk before I cleaned it because it looked sort of like one of Art’s drawings ? splotches all over the place.”To help promote the book, Patrick is having a ART Coloring Contest (ends April 28).

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Patrick McDonnell releases new book “Hug Time”

The Asbury Park Press has a nice write-up about Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell and his new book “Hug Time.” “Hug Time” is McDonnell’s fourth children’s book and, like all his work, it is appropriate for ages zero to 110. His other kids’ books are “The Gift of Nothing,” “Art” and “Just Like Heaven,” which also…

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CSotD: Domestic grumbling

It used to be nearly impossible to win one of the giant teddy bears depicted in this Rhymes With Orange (KFS) strip, given the various tricks and outright cons employed by the carnies who run the midway games at the county fair. But, yes, you would see some parent or two dutifully schlepping one of…

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