Patrick McDonnell talks about his new book “Art”

The Austin American Statesman has a really good write up regarding Patrick McDonnell’s new book “Art.” Patrick’s first book “The Gift of Nothing” featured characters from his comic strip “Mutts,” but this new book is a complete departure from his Mutts strip.

“‘Art’ is about a little kid who likes to draw and makes messes and I think it’s pretty autobiographical,” he says by phone from his New Jersey studio. “It’s just the joy of making art, which I do every day, and something I’ve been doing since I was Art’s age. (The book) uses the primaries, red, yellow and blue, and my desk and my clothes ? and probably myself ? were red, yellow and blue for a good week. I actually took a photograph of my desk before I cleaned it because it looked sort of like one of Art’s drawings ? splotches all over the place.”

To help promote the book, Patrick is having a ART Coloring Contest (ends April 28). See his web site for details.

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