Nothing says Happy Valentines like beer and ‘toons

The ToonSeum is offering a very unique Valentine gift package. They’ve partnered with Church Brew Works for a night of beer tasting and drawing lessons. The more I think about it, I see the brilliance of it. It works for both sides. The men can say, “Honey, let’s take a drawing class to enrich our artistic understanding and appreciation.” And the women can say, “For valentines, I thought we could go try a whole bunch of beers.” See? Both sides are happy.

Here’s more of the details:

Professional cartoonist Joe Wos will host an adult-beginners’ program modeled specifically for couples, encouraging collaborative fun and imagination in a laid back atmosphere. To help set the mood, CBW will be on hand to pour some of their favorite beers.

“Our collaborations with the Church Brew Works were some of our favorite events of last year,” said John Mattie, the ToonSeum’s manager and coordinator of the Toons and Brews events. “We were eager to work with them again and thought that it would be fun to offer a unique “date event.”

Cost per couple is $50 (ToonSeum members are $45), tasting, lesson and snacks included. Participating couples are eligible for door prizes. Reservations are required and can be made at or at the ToonSeum Gallery on Liberty Avenue. Space is very limited, however if demand exceeds expectations, a second event may be added.

If you attend, just remember never to let your friends or family ink and drive.

5 thoughts on “Nothing says Happy Valentines like beer and ‘toons

  1. Rather brilliant way to encourage attendance…

    But the funniest was this, “If you attend, just remember never to let your friends or family INK and drive.”

  2. Dave – the “ink and drive” line was me quoting a t-shirt that Mike Thompson had at one of the AAEC conventions. It is a great line. I wish I could find that t-shirt.

  3. I wish I still lived in Pittsburgh. I’ve been to the Church Brew works several times and have been wanting to visit the Toonseum. How to convince the wife to go 300 miles for V-Day…

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