Mutts ‘Gift’ book featured in Royal Gazette

Patrick McDonnell’s successful “Gift of Nothing” book is getting some positive press in the Royal Gazette.

Although Mr. McDonnell’s 10th cartoon compilation “Who Let the Cat Out: Mutts X” was released in April, “The Gift of Nothing” is his first children’s book. So far it has been well received.

“It has been on the New York Times bestseller list for three weeks,” Mr. McDonnell told the Bookworm Beat from his home in New Jersey. “So I am very happy about that. There will be a second Mutts book this fall. I am still working on the title. The working title so far is ‘Just Like Heaven’. It is written in the same tone. It is a little companion piece.”

Mr. McDonnell said he had been wanting to write a children’s book for a long time, but found it hard due to the demands of drawing a daily comic strip.