The Red Rascal And Hamas Leadership

Garry Trudeau, the writer and artist of Doonesbury, has dared to acknowledge a fact about the Hamas leadership that most of the mainstream news media prefer to ignore.

© G. B. Trudeau

Rafael Medoff for the Jewish Journal reports:

In the latest Sunday installment of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Doonesbury strip, a fictional anti-terrorist fighter—known as “the Red Rascal”—bursts into the bedroom of an actual Hamas leader, Ismail Haniye, who is living in Qatar.

For years, leaders of the terrorist group have been stealing funds that the United States and other countries have generously donated for the needs of Gaza’s citizens. According to the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, Haniyeh is worth about $4-billion…

The article notes:

What makes this Doonesbury strip even more interesting is that Trudeau has been strongly critical of Israel in the past. His view of Hamas is not motivated by any kind of built-in pro-Israel bias.

The March 31 Doonesbury comic strip ends with Red Rascal wrestling with his conscience.

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