King Features Offers Willy Black and Dumplings for Print Syndication

King Features Syndicate has released Digital Press Kits for two new comics offered to digital and print publications.

Dumplings by Victor Van Acker first appeared on Comics Kingdom last Summer. The King Features (KFS) press kit says the comic strip is now/will be available to hard copy newspapers daily and Sunday.

KFS describes the strip:

DUMPLINGS features the amusing adventures of Benny the dog and Mac the cat — two best pals against a world that doesn’t believe that cats and dogs can be friends. While Benny and Mac’s antics often get them into tricky situations, Benny’s owner, Dani, and her best friend, Franny, are up to hilarious shenanigans of their own.????? Victor Van Acker’s DUMPLINGS follows Benny, Mac, Dani and Franny as they traverse the ups and downs of life; everything from student council coups, exam anxieties, and soccer team walk-outs to tongues frozen to stair railings, fights over sidewalk pizza, and trips to the ice cream stand.

Simultaneously with the Dumplings release King Features again by way of a digital press kit announced the availability of a Sunday only Willy Black by Guillermo Saldaña for print publications. The Willy Black comic strip first appeared on Comics Kingdom a year ago. The press kit’s description of Willy Black:

Guillermo Saldaña’s WILLY BLACK takes inspiration from everyday life, capturing the humorous, sarcastic, meaningless, or enjoyable, and exposing our relatable protagonist, Willy, to what is alien to none — the challenge of existence. Your readers will love to follow along as Willy navigates the ups and downs of life and searches for meaning in the second half of his journey.

Both comics have been accessible to online comics pages for newspapers who have signed onto King Features’ digital platform since they first appeared on Comics Kingdom, now (soon?) they will be available for newspapers’ print comics pages.

Neither of the press kits mention when the print versions can be had.

More Guillermo.

Comics Kingdom added another Guillermo Saldana feature yesterday.

On April 1, 2024 Palurdeando (with Willy Black) debuted online.

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