“Alice” by Andrea E. Beizer is Coming to Comics Kingdom

Alice by Andrea E. Beizer will begin running at Comics Kingdom on February 20, 2023, adjust your favorites.

The “About” page at Comics Kingdom on the Alice character:

Alice may be described as an older woman…or a maturing woman…or a woman of a “certain age” — as she is trying to make it in a society that doesn’t “see” her. The Alice cartoon series explores the character’s personality as she struggles with herself, her relationships and society in general.

Which may describe creator Andrea Beizer as well. The page also tells of her on-again, off-again cartooning career.

Andrea’s National Cartoonists Society entry gives some history of the comic:

Alice was originally created in the 1980’s (1984-89) for the Philadelphia Architect, a monthly publication for the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. The strip was also published in the Manhattan Comic News in 1990. 

At the encouragement of friends, colleagues and especially, the late Tony Auth, Political Cartoonist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, I decided to re-create the Alice cartoon strip in 2013.

“Alice is published in the Humor Times on-line magazine and is syndicated with Ink Bottle Syndication, LLC.”

I’m guessing that Ink Bottle connection is no longer valid.

Andrea confirms on Facebook her Comics Kingdom debut:

“Alice” will be going “LIVE” on February 20th which is a Monday. From there on, you may find the strip on King Features Syndicate on-line site called Comics Kingdom at comicskingdom.com every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

An archive of Alice cartoons can be enjoyed at … Alice Cartoons.

above: 1988 Alice © & Andrea E. Beizer

UPDATE – February 20: Comics Kingdom welcomes Andrea and Alice.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new comic strip on Comics Kingdom, ALICE! Created by the talented artist, cartoonist, architect, and college professor Andrea Beizer.

You can find ALICE weekly on Comics Kingdom