MacKay Makes Cartoonists’ Convention

Graeme MacKay, editorial cartoonist for The Hamilton Spectator, attended the recent joint convention of the Association of Canadian Cartoonists and the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. He writes:

… this gathering in 2023, despite missing some old familiar friends and faces was robust in numbers giving the sense that editorial cartooning is alive and well despite the challenges. This convention was perhaps my most therapeutic professional gathering ever.

above: Canadian cartoonists visiting Bahgdad-By-The-Bay; photo by Brian Gable
from left: Graeme MacKay, Terry “Aislin” Mosher, Rod Emerson, Guy “Bado” Badeaux, kneeling: Wes Tyrell

Graeme’s account of his visit naturally includes the convention and the activities, but also a travelogue of his sightseeing the San Francisco Bay Area, with photographs of everything.

On Friday, I spent most of the day on a Napa wine tour from 9am to 5:30pm. We made a stop at the Golden Gate Bridge to take some pictures. I was accompanied by Marci Brane and Sarah Alex from the Herb Block Foundation, cartoonist David G. Brown, Paul Berge with Chris Pierangeli, Deb Milbrath with David “Wing” Bruce, and Mike Sicilia, our guide…

… We were dropped off near the Cartoon museum for the Friday meet and greet, where I had the opportunity to chat with several talented cartoonists, including Ben Sargent, Steve Stegelin, Dale Cummings, Tim Campbell, Jeff Bell, Rod Emmerson, Daryl Cagle, Jack Ohman, Matt Davies, Ann Telnaes, Steve Greenberg, and Matt Wuerker. Jack Ohman welcomed us and spoke briefly, passionately, and as always eloquently, about the challenges faced by the print media…

above: Rod Emmerson (left) receives his Honorary Canuck award

Awards are given their due, with a couple Daily Cartoonist contributors name-checked:

… Plaques were given out for the Rex Babin award for local cartooning, which went to Joel Pett. Inkspot recognitions were also awarded to organizer Mary Ellen Burns and cartoonist writers Mike Peterson and Alan Gardner – Find Mike’s own, much more thorough summary of the convention here. Our Canadian contingent recognized Guy Badeaux and Dale Cummings with the Townsie awards, and the Honorary Canuck award went to Rod Emmerson from New Zealand…

… The gathering of editorial cartoonists in San Francisco was an invigorating experience. We engaged in lively discussions about the art of cartooning, shared our experiences, and gained insights into the influential role of political cartoons in shaping public opinion. We also addressed the challenges in today’s ever-changing media landscape.

Read Graeme’s full report here.

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  1. The Canadian Cartoonist were great and looking forward to the American Association of Editorial Cartoonist next partnership with the Canadians in Montreal next year!

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