November Glitch Causes December Reruns at AMS

As Darryl Heine mentions there are a number of reruns at Andrews McMeel Syndication this week. And, yes, this is a direct result of the technical issues that affected the company in November.

Greg Evans explains to Luann fans:

For our long time fans, you may be wondering: what is with the wedding of Brad and Toni this week?  Didn’t that happen in 2016?!

Yes, it did!  Due to an unexpected tech glitch in the distribution system, the planned storyline for this week couldn’t make it to our print or digital clients by deadline.  So!  We are revisiting this magical week from 2016 and will pick up with Tiffany at her mansion next week.

Dan Thompson did the same in a Rip Haywire comment:

It is a week of reruns so the syndicate can get back to full speed due to the trouble back in Nov.

A couple notes:

The vast majority of reruns come from the week of December 5, 2016.

Pure speculation is that repeats not from that time were originally scheduled as a rerun week.

For some reason Ziggy’s reruns come from the December 5, 2011 week.

The newer strips to Andrews McMeel Syndicate all have 2022 copyright dates.
Did every one of those get their strips in pre-glitch or are they reruns from earlier this year?

Rerun and Snoopy above © Peanut Worldwide 
Ziggy at top © Ziggy and Friends, Inc.


6 thoughts on “November Glitch Causes December Reruns at AMS

  1. Also: Peanuts is rerunning a 1969 week that was previously rerun December 5-10, 2016 (and even in December 2005) instead of the 1975 strips.

  2. When I emailed GoComics about the December 5-10, 2022 rerunning December 5-10, 2016 strips this week situation possibly due to the GoComics pre Thanksgiving glitch, they replied: “I’m not understanding your question. Are you asking why some features are showing reruns??”

  3. And Mark “Off The Mark” Parisi said to me on Facebook that 3 dozen strips will be reruns because of the glitch – That’s 6 weeks of reruns?!?!

  4. Clarification to comment #3: I think Mark Parisi means 36 different comic strip title entries at Andrews-McMeel.

  5. Here’s something I got from Chip Samson, artist of The Born Loser when I mentioned about the December 5-10, 2022 rerun situation that it was due to the pre Thanksgiving 2022 outage: “Comics (like The Born Loser) that submitted their week of 12/5 strips around the time of the start of the outage were affected. Comics that submitted their week of 12/5 strips before the outage were not affected. The comics that were affected will be back to normal next week. Sorry for the inconvenience, but due to the outage, it was out of the control of the creators and GoComics.”

  6. Uh oh, that’s annoying that the rerun glitch would happen at Gocomics website. Hopefully they’ll get it fixed. In the future I’m predicting that my Daily Herald, Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune Newspapers in Utah will stop printing newspapers and go digital online only in 2023 or later.

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