GoComics is Down – Where to Find Your Funnies (updated)

For a change of pace it is GoComics being problematic not Comics Kingdom.

We here at The Daily Cartoonist have no idea what’s gone haywire or how long the problem will exist. But here are some other places to find SOME of the Andrews McMeel Syndicate strips online. Also where to find the other syndicate offerings you may usually read at GoComics.

note: strips in rerun status not included
and these are strips syndicated to newspapers, not web exclusives

The Tribune Content Agency strips.

  • 9 to 5
  • Animal Crackers
  • Bliss
  • Bottom Liners
  • Bound & Gagged
  • Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! TM
  • Broom-Hilda®
  • Dick Tracy®
  • Gasoline Alley®
  • Gil Thorp®
  • Mt. Pleasant
  • Pluggers
  • The Middletons

The aforementioned Comics Kingdom supplies comics to newspapers websites, their list there includes the Tribune strips. Here is The Oregonian page. Exception: Mt. Pleasant (https://www.facebook.com/rick.mckee) hasn’t been added to the roster yet.


The Creators Syndicate strips.

Andy Capp
Daddy’s Home
Diamond Lil
Dogs of C-Kennel
Flo & Friends
For Heaven’s Sake
Free Range
Herb and Jamaal
One Big Happy
Scary Gary
Speed Bump
The Barn
The Other Coast
Wizard of Id
Zack Hill

These are all available at the Creators site linked above, and at the Arcamax comics page.


The Washington Post Writers Group.

Barney and Clyde
Fort Knox
Reply All
Reply All Lite

With the exception of Reply All Lite these are also available at Arcamax.


And while the GoComics feed to newspaper sites is broken
Arcamax continues to post some, not all, Andrews McMeel strips.

Here are the AMS strips available at Arcamax:

9 Chickweed Lane
Baby Blues
Breaking Cat News
Ginger Meggs
Loose Parts
Mike du Jour
Non Sequitur
Pearls Before Swine
Red and Rover
Rose is Rose
The Argyle Sweater
Wallace the Brave

Some other Andrews McMeel Sunday strips…

Over the Hedge
Prickly City

can be read at Stars and Stripes (scroll down to their comics).
The Frazz daily comic strip can be read in the Stars and Stripes.


This leaves the following comics…

  • Adam@Home*
  • Alley Oop https://rabbitsagainstmagic.blogspot.com/
  • Arlo and Janis*
  • Betty
  • Big Nate*
  • Biographic
  • The Born Loser https://www.facebook.com/thebornlosercomic/
  • Brevity https://www.facebook.com/RipHaywire
  • The Buckets
  • Close to Home*
  • Cornered*
  • Drabble*
  • The Duplex
  • F Minus
  • The Flying McCoys
  • FoxTrot* https://foxtrot.com/
  • Frank and Ernest*
  • Fred Basset
  • The Fusco Brothers
  • Grand Avenue
  • The Grizzwells
  • Half Full*
  • Heart of the City*
  • In the Bleachers
  • La Cucaracha
  • Lio*
  • Lola*
  • Marmaduke*
  • Moderately Confused
  • Monty
  • Nancy*
  • Off the Mark* https://www.offthemark.com/DailyCartoon
  • Overboard
  • Phoebe and Her Unicorn
  • Pooch Cafe*
  • Real Life Adventures
  • Reality Check https://www.tribstar.com/features/
  • Rip Haywire https://www.facebook.com/RipHaywire
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not https://www.ripleys.com/cartoons/
  • Tank McNamara
  • Thatababy
  • WuMo*
  • late adds:
  • Dark Side of the Horse https://www.facebook.com/horacehhorse
  • Deflocked
  • Sherman’s Lagoon*
  • Ziggy*

… out in the cold. Though some have individual sites.

Comic noted with an * available at MSN (see below)

comics © the individual copyright holders


Mike Baldwin, in the comments, linked to the MSN comics page where a number of comics not listed as available above are posted (though not Sunday strips it seems).

Those Andrews McMeel comics available at MSN include:

Adam @ Home
Arlo & Janis
Big Nate
Close to Home
Frank and Ernest
Half Full
Heart of the City
Loose Parts
Off the Mark
Pooch Cafe
Sherman’s Lagoon

So why isn’t Zoolies (© Tribune Contents Agency) listed on their syndicate site?

75 thoughts on “GoComics is Down – Where to Find Your Funnies (updated)

  1. Georgia Dunn on her Breaking Cat News facebook page says it is really down for maintainance. Unless she is just whistling past the graveyard.

  2. I don’t see the classic strip Bozo, by the late Foxo Reardon, on any of those lists. Bozo has more daily comments per number of listed comics than any other GoComics comic.

  3. Samuli and Mike – thanks for the links.
    Consider this a request for more from other cartoonist.

  4. Let me make that claim of mine a bit clearer. Bozo, the comic strip, has more daily comments on average per number of listed followers than any other GoComics comic. All Bozo comments are unsolicited and are not linked to social media. There are many GoComics with tens of thousands of listed “followers” that have far fewer daily comments than does Bozo with its 902 listed followers. Obviously, such “followers” are anything but followers. Wish all comics well, but facts are facts.

  5. I post my original black & white artwork each day on The Born Loser Facebook page whenever the GoComics site is down.

  6. And you misspelled Tribune Content Agency for “Why isn’t Zoolies listed on thier syndicate site?”

  7. If this really were scheduled maintenance, advance notice would have been appreciated. As it is, I’m skeptical. And taking two days to let us know is simply being discourteous to their many subscribers.

  8. Mary McNeil – the thing is, it’s everything at DNS01.UCLICK.COM that’s down, not just GoComics.

  9. Guess I’m one of the VERY few who still loves Fred Basset. Won’t find this anywhere else, so I hope Go Comics comes back.

  10. Thank you SO much for giving me some options of where to find comic strips while GoComics is down. The comics are ESSENTIAL to my daily well being. Thank you so much again!

  11. It seems to me that any site that needs maintenance should prepare everything ahead of time and then switch over. Likewise, any site that doesn’t have a complete backup is being negligent. Going black for days without warning or intelligent explanation is showing contempt for your customers.
    Or maybe they haven’t been paying their bills?

  12. I’ve been in IT for 20 years. GoComics could easily post a message on the “stub” of their website and let people know what is going on. It’s just poor practice to leave your user base “hanging”.

  13. Note to robert reed in regard to your “no one reads Bozo so good idea in ignoring it.” Before Bozo was syndicated, it was voted by readers as the second most popular comic carried by the Richmond (va) Times Dispatch out of dozens of comics. After syndication it was voted by readers as the most popular comic carried by its syndicate, the Chicago-Sun Times Syndicate. It was carried by such papers as the Boston Globe, the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Philadelphia Inquirer and other major papers. It was very popular in Japan and France. It was carried by the Stars and Stripes, the Newspaper of the United States Armed Forces, and was very popular with our men and women in uniform. Today it averages between 20 and 50 comments daily on GoComics, far more than many comics with many thousands of “followers.” Read the comments, and you will find out what people really think of Bozo.Where are your facts to back up your obnoxious sarcasm?

  14. I’m worried that they’re setting up a paywall. I’ve enjoyed GC free for all these years. I guess adverts don’t pay well enough.

  15. I’m wondering what happened to my subscription to the comics and my account?
    Can’t connect anywhere. An explanation would be very helpful other than the site is not available
    I miss my comics.

    Mike Funnyman 426.

  16. And as of today, Comics Kingdom is also down. The links above all go to yesterday’s comics.

  17. According to The Arizona Daily Star:
    “[GoComics] is currently experiencing technical difficulties and working to resolve the situation. According to the company, the extended outage is due to apparent cybersecurity issues, and their team is working around the clock to restore operations.

    “The company cannot estimate exactly when full access to comics, puzzles and columns will be restored.”

  18. Thanks a lot for the information!
    I really do miss Fred Basset and all the commentators! Hope we get it back soon.

    And, as somebody wrote, I eather don’t get the dayly FB per email.

    Greetings to all

  19. Access to the Andrews McMeel file server is also down for creators. This means that currently no new content can be uploaded. It’s concerning that even the backend infrastructure is offline.

  20. @Bob Reite Ransomware seems like a good possibility given what we know. Thanks to @D. D. Degg’s comment we know it’s definitely a cyber-security issue. Along with the main site being broken, The Far Side & Dilbert sites are completely unreachable because there’s no DNS (Domain Name Service) response. That suggests that ALL their servers have been taken down, and a ransomware attack would do that.

    At a minimum, I think it’s safe to say they got hacked badly. People who subscribed should keep an eye on their credit card statements just in case the hackers got hold of that info. Note: I’m not saying that has happened, but it’s a good idea to do it out of caution.

  21. Is GoComics.com ever going to be back up by Thanksgiving or will it never come back at all? Is this the end for GoComics.com forever???

  22. Thanks to all who posted links to alternative sites for our favorite comics. And I agree that it is astonishing that GoComics couldn’t email its subscribers, or put up a notice on the site, to let us know that the site is down.

  23. Unfortunately I cannot the classic BOZO comics on any of these lists. 🙁

    Hopefully Go Comics will be back online soon. Missing BOZO and other comics and pals on Go Comics.

  24. GoComics may be undergoing a thorough cleaning and revamping. I periodically commented that it looked big with an impressive line-up, but many strips stopped their activity long ago, and were just being listed, and nothing more. Here’s hoping it comes back on-line with some explanations.

  25. @Eric C – for bonus points I would like them to bring back some of the strips they purged a while ago.

    A bit better comment moderation wouldn’t go astray either.

    And a pony I guess, while I’m wishing.

  26. I tried calling the GoComics support phone number and they aren’t answering that, either. I also sent an email to their support and again, I got absolutely no response. It’s like they closed up shop and just disappeared without any advance notice to their paying customers. That is very poor business.

  27. ## Comment SPAM Protection: Shield Security marked this comment as “SPAM”. Reason: Failed AntiBot Verification ##
    Steve Conley also publishes his comic “The Middle Age” on his own website steveconley.com/, and if you’d like to see him working on the comic or just talk about it you might also want to check out his twitch and discord channels.

  28. My last feed from GoComics was on Fri 11/18/2022. On Fri 11/25/2022, if still not received any notification (haven’t received any to date) from GoComics, I am going after my yearly subscription fee that was just charged, via my credit card company.

  29. From Reuben Bolling’s Inner Hive email today:

    “Programming note: Gocomics.com, which of course hosts these Classic Tom the Dancing Bugs every Thursday (and my new comics every Friday), was the the victim of a cyberattack on Saturday, and has been offline since. I hope it gets back up soon.”

  30. I really wish the subscribers would stop focusing on the ‘value for their dollar’ side of things and demanding money back. Clearly this is a system wide issue that AMS has not yet been able to remedy. It does not look like “scheduled system maintenance” or some other purposeful shutdown.

    Technology is difficult and servers go down.

    Could there be a little more transparency from AMS? Maybe. But possibly they are too busy scrambling to get everything fixed.

  31. For what it’s worth, I emailed my contact at GoComics on Sunday and finally just got a response. Not much new here, except that it sounds like not much progress is being made:

    “We have been experiencing network issues which have taken our servers and communication channels offline. Apologies for the delay in responding.
    Certain systems and data have been rendered temporarily inaccessible. Our team is working around the clock to restore operations. At this time, we cannot estimate when full access and services will be restored.

    Thank you for your patience!”

  32. At 9:30 am EST GoComcs and Dilbert was back on line.

    I did a quick check and it appears that comics from Saturday to today are on line.

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