The Last Hogan’s Alley … and the First

Hogan’s Alley was a famous (now and then) Sunday comic that began in Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World. It was created by Richard Felton Outcault and continued by George Benjamin Luks.

It ran from May 5, 1895 to December 5, 1897. Here is the last Hogan’s Alley that ran 125 years ago today (from Pulitzer’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch via


Since we’re there let’s make this a First and Last edition.

Here is the first Hogan’s Alley from May 5, 1895:

This comes by way of the Ohio State University which shows all of R. F. Outcault’s Yellow Kid newspaper cartoons from The New York World and Hearst’s New York Journal.

For more on Geo. B. Luks see Life on the Press.