38th Annual Stanley Awards

The ACA held their annual Stanley Awards last night. Or maybe the night before,
it’s in Australia and while we fell back an hour they jump ahead a day.

The Stanley Awards was held for the first time since 2019 and Cathy Wilcox, the Australian Cartoonists Association’s (ACA) president said, ‘it will be a blast to see our colleagues and friends again after the Covid interruption, and acknowledge what our colleagues have been producing in the year gone by’. 

They have posted the results.

The full 2022 Stanley Awards winners circle:

  • Animation Cartoonist: Edmund Iffland
  • Book Illustrator: Judy Nadin/Leigh Hobbs (TIED)
  • Caricaturist: Judy Nadin
  • Comic Book Artist: Paul Mason
  • Comic Strip Cartoonist: Tony Lopes
  • Editorial/Political Cartoonist: David Pope
  • Event Cartoonist: Paul Harvey
  • Illustrator: David Pope
  • Single Gag Cartoonist: Andrew Weldon

Australian Cartoonist Hall Of Fame:
Ron Vivian, Lloyd Piper, James Kemsley (Ginger Meggs), Ruby Lindsay, Max Foley

Jim Russell Award for Significant Contribution to Australian Cartooning:
Fiona Katauskas

Gold Stanley – Cartoonist Of The Year –
David Pope 

Canberra Times cartoonist David Pope was declared the winner of the Gold Stanley – Cartoonist Of The Year. It was a tight finish, the other finalists for the top award being (in alphabetical order): Matt Golding, Paul Harvey, Judy Nadin, David Rowe and Cathy Wilcox. It is David’s fourth Gold Stanley, topping off a remarkable night where he also won two Bronze Stanleys for Editorial/Political Cartoonist and Illustrator.

David Pope photo via Lismore City News

The 2022 ACA Yearbook showcased all the nominees for the awards.