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Ware on Christmas

‘Tis the season and there is Christmas and other comics merch available.

King Features is offering a line of glass Christmas tree ornaments featuring The Phantom, Curtis, Dethany, Helga and Hagar, and many others.

They also carry other comics related items perfect for gifting – cups and glasses, t-shirts and other apparel, blankets, towels, posters and wall art.


Andrews McMeel also has a shop. Featuring great, perfect for giving to others or treating yourself, comic art prints from sweet to sentimental to silly showcasing Calvin and Hobbes, Wallace the Brave, The Far Side, Red and Rover, Arlo & Janis, Baby Blues, Doonesbury, Breaking Cat News, and others.

The GoComics store also carries pins and, naturally, books and calendars.


For sending season’s greetings Hogan’s Alley via Zazzle carries a wonderful line of cartoon Christmas cards. Also find comics related throw pillows, tote bags, retro calendars, note cards, jigsaw puzzles, apparel, and so much more.


Order early to get it in time to send or give,
or you may end up with Cole in your Christmas stocking.


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#1 Darryl Heine
@ 5:17 pm

Even though the GoComics shop is still online, the GoComics comic strip access down since the morning of November 19, 2022 hasn’t come back online as of yet.

#2 John Rose
@ 8:54 pm

Thank you for including our Li’l Sparky ornament among all these wonderful holiday gift items!

#3 D. D. Degg
@ 9:13 pm

I find that Li’l Sparky ornament delightful.

#4 John Rose
@ 9:22 pm

Thank you for your kind words about our ornament! That really means a lot to me.

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