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It’s the Birthday Bunny

Ninety years ago, on November 12, 1932, Madeline Mezz was born. So today we celebrate her inauguration into The Daily Cartoonist’s Senior Strippers club.

“Madeline Mezz?” you ask. Well, she is better known as Bunny Hoest.

Bunny and John Reiner join us in the birthday bash with today’s The Lockhorns.

© Wm. Hoest Enterprises

Bunny has been working on The Lockhorns for nearly 50 years and been in charge for the last 35.

But as this 2011 interview reveals she was involved in much more:

Bill had started the LOCHORNS before I married him, but we had built up six other strips in the interim.  Five I did with Bill and I did one after he died.  I started one called HUNNY BUNNY’S SHORT TALES.  It was a one-minute bedtime story for kids.  It was darling, but we had a lot that John had to do.  Doing one week, that’s 6 dailys and 5 on Sunday, that is an enormous amount of work, and that is the LOCKHORNS alone. We were also doing strips, three panels, one was called AGATHA CRUMM.  We were doing another feature for KING called WHAT A GUY.  We were doing BUMPER SNICKERS for the National Enquirer, which was a panel about vehicle car bumpers; we were doing a column in Parade magazine, which was called LAUGH PARADE, which featured three cartoons plus one a week called HOWARD HUGE

In a 2012 interview she joked:

“I’m going to be working until I’m 80!” she laughs.

Or longer Bunny.

The Daily Cartoonists extends the best wishes for Bunny on her birthday
and apologizes for the faux pas of revealing the lady’s age.


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