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From 1962 is Virgil Partch, Chon Day, Johnny Hart, and more in V2#2 of The PRO (Cartoonist and Gagwriter Magazine). Mike Lynch presents the complete issue.


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Buck Rogers in the 20th Century Comic Books

Comic books in the 1930s were originally comic strip reprinters. Famous Funnies and the like did not supply new material but packaged the strips from the newspaper with a new cover. The first to do this with Buck was the Kellogg’s Company with a selection of strips in 1937.

G. W. Thomas gives us a brief rundown of Buck Rogers comic books of the last century.


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These days we can get King Features Big 3 as comic books – The Phantom by Tony DePaul and Paul Ryan, Mandrake the Magician by Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks, and Flash Gordon by Jim Keefe. Of course we gotta go to India to get ’em.


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Clearing out one of our bedrooms for decoration, I came across a number of local and national newspapers under the carpet, used back in the 1980s as very cheap underlay. While I was knew newspapers like the the Daily Mirror ran a large number of strips – until editor Piers Morgan ditched most of them – I hadn’t realised quite how important the publishers of the Daily Star once thought they were, too.

From the 1980s John Freeman takes a look at a couple of comics pages from The Daily Star.


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Romancing the comic world

Inspired by Greek mythology, “Lore Olympus” is a stylish and contemporary retelling of Greek mythological lore that has accumulated more than 1.2 billion global views on WEBTOON. Launched in 2018 on WEBTOON’s CANVAS platform, “Lore Olympus” quickly grew to be the #1 most-read series on the platform as a WEBTOON Original. The series has become a global phenomenon, with two #1 New York Times bestselling graphic novel adaptations and an animated series adaptation in development from Wattpad WEBTOON Studios and The Jim Henson Company.

Lore Olympus is currently the most popular comic strip on the planet.
Business Wire reports on the webcomic and its host platform Webtoon.


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The past few years have seen this 1969 MAD page by Frank Jacobs and/or Stan Hart and Jack Davis become popular for obvious reasons. Snopes even had an entry about it.

But being a Marvelmaniac of that time I’m always disappointed that Gary Friedrich and Herb Trimpe‘s Super-Patriot that arrived a couple months earlier never gets some notice. So…

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Hagar The Horrible, Snuffy Smith and Popeye Sunday strips by Browne, Rose and Eisman were also collected in a comic digest entitled Juleklassikere (Christmas Friends) in the country of Norway by Egmont.

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