Senior Strippers – 2022 Edition

Around mid-year we update our Senior Strippers list with a birthday of a cartoonist around this time.
However there are no 90th birthdays on our list for mid-2022 (the next on our schedule isn’t until 2023).

But we have added a few since last year.


Most recently Playboy cartoonist and children’s book author/illustrator Don Madden, whose birth in 1927 means he should have been added years ago. But we just discovered him due to a recent post on the Hogan’s Alley Facebook page.

Others added due to discovery is Judy Dixon and Bernie Hurlbut. Then there are those cartoonists whose birthdays in the last half of last year and in this year got them onto the list.

So this seems a good time to update our Senior Strippers roster for 2022, cartoonists who for 90+ years continue to survive “the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.”

Below is, as best as we can determine, a list of cartoonists who continue to carry on past 90 years.


comic book and comic strip cartoonist AL JAFFEE March 13, 1921

comic book artist LILY RENEE PHILIPS  May 12, 1921

* French cartoonist CHRISTIAN GATY February 9, 1925

editorial cartoonist JIM IVEY April 15, 1925

* Belgian cartoonist DINO ATTANASIO May 8, 1925

cartoonist and illustrator SANDY KOSSIN June 4, 1926

gag cartoonist GEORGE BOOTH June 28, 1926

comic book artist FRANK GIUSTO September 6, 1926

comic book and comic strip artist RAMONA FRADON October 2, 1926

illustrator HILARY KNIGHT November 1, 1926

cartoonist PIERRE “PEB” BELLOCQ November 25, 1926

editorial cartoonist JUDY DIXON January 5, 1927

comic book and comic strip cartoonist HY EISMAN March 27, 1927

comic book and comic strip artist YAROSLAV HORAK June 12, 1927

illustrator and comic book artist MORT KUNSTLER August 28, 1927

comic book and comic strip cartoonist JACK KATZ September 27, 1927

magazine cartoonist WAYNE HORNE September 27, 1927

gag cartoonist/book illustrator DON MADDEN October 14, 1927

comic book and comic strip artist SY BARRY March 12, 1928

comic book artist MARTY ELKIN March 12, 1928

comic strip artist SYDNEY JORDAN May 28, 1928 (1931?)

comic book cartoonist BOB BOLLING June 9, 1928

comic book and comic strip artist JOE GIELLA June 27, 1928

comic book and gag cartoonist DON OREHEK August 9, 1928

cartoonist JULES FEIFFER January 26, 1929

cartoonist ARNOLD ROTH February 25, 1929

cartoonist PAUL COKER March 5, 1929

caricaturist and illustrator EDWARD SOREL March 26, 1929

editorial cartoonist ART VAN RHYN April, 1929

cartoonist and puzzle maker DICK ROGERS June 19, 1929

comic book artist VIC CARRABOTTA June 24, 1929

French Disney artist PIERRE NICHOLAS July 22, 1929

comic book artist DON PERLIN August 27, 1929

comic strip and gag cartoonist FRANK HILL September 10, 1929

comic book writer and editor SID JACOBSON October 20, 1929

editorial cartoonist CHARLIE DANIEL December 14, 1929

comic book artist JOHN ROMITA January 24, 1930

cartoonist BERNIE HURLBUT February 18 (12?), 1930

magazine cartoonist TED TROGDEN April 14, 1930

editorial cartoonist YARDLEY JONES May 2, 1930

comic book writer and artist AL WIESNER July 2, 1930

comic book publisher JIM WARREN July 29, 1930

cartoonist R. O. BLECHMAN October 7, 1930

cartoonist PAUL FRANK GRAY October 10, 1930

cartoonist and illustrator EDWARD FRASCINO November 11, 1930

animator PHIL ROMAN December 21, 1930

comic creator and writer BILL OWENS February 1, 1931

animator GERALD POTTERTON March 8, 1931

magazine cartoonist MORT GERBERG March 11, 1931

cartoonist RENZO ORRU March 24, 1931

magazine comic artist/illustrator JIM SILKE May 19, 1931

cartoonist SEYMOUR CHWAST August 18, 1931

 gag, editorial, and comic cartoonist WALT LARDNER September 1931

comic book and strip writer/artist LARRY LIEBER October 26, 1931

* French cartoonist PIERRE LE GOFF February 21, 1932

Spanish comic artist JOSEP MARTI February 28, 1932

* French Cartoonist CHRISTIAN GODARD March 24, 1932

comic artist ANGELO TORRES April 14, 1932


*late additions thanks to Martin Desroches (see comments)


Sadly missing from last year’s roster is
Ernie Poignant, Wayne Thiebaud, Roger Bradfield, Mel Keefer, and Orlando Busino.
Also dropped is Emil Abrahamian – Lambiek’s Comiclopedia says he passed in 2020.

Corrections and additions are welcomed and encouraged

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  1. Christian Gaty-French cartoonist-February 9, 1925
    Dino Attanasio-Belgian cartoonist-May 8, 1925
    Chistian Godard-French cartoonist-March 24, 1932

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