Counterpoint Licensing and Syndication Debuts

Last month the news of a new syndicate for editorial cartoons broke.

Counterpoint founder Nick Anderson said the new operation would go active June 1, 2022. And so it has as a Jack Ohman cartoon with a Sacramento Bee/ Counterpoint Media credit appeared today.

© Sacramento Bee/Jack Ohman

Clay Bennett, Lisa Benson, Tim Campbell, Jeff Danziger, and Jack Ohman will be rolling out political cartoons with the Counterpoint Licensing and Syndication service instead of the Washington Post Writers Group from this point forward.

Also Pedro X. Molina will be contributing cartoons to the new syndicate.

Counterpoint has three websites:

… one for Counterpoint Licensing and Syndication, a substack for the Counterpoint Newsletter, and one for Counterpoint Media Group, the parent organization for the syndicate and the newsletter.