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Recalling the Cartoonists of Carmel

On the East Coast they have Cartoon County. On the West Coast there is the city of Carmel. They used to congregate at a Carmel coffee shop on the same afternoon each week, having come into town to share stories, reminisce, poke fun. These were the masters of satire, legendary cartoonists who, after creating characters […]

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Yes, More Sunday Funnies

Not sure that I noticed until yesterday that the typeface of the Little Baldo logo is a tribute to the original Little Archie logo.    © Baldo Partnership; © Archie Publications   This I did know, but like to be reminded once in a while: © Jim Toomey Sherman’s Lagoon is inhabited by a man-eating […]

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CSotD: The Wait-What School of Humor

My distaste for awards is sort of a running gag here, and this Sherman’s Lagoon (AMS) pretty well sums it up. It reminded me of an item in the late Charley Stough’s “B.O.N.G. Bulletin” — a periodic on-line roundup of news, gossip and jokes from the mythical Burned Out Newscreatures Guild — about a for-real […]

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Your June 26, 2022 Dilbert Sunday Funny … or Not – updated

It seems Andrews McMeel Syndication has offered a replacement strip for those newspapers uncomfortable with publishing the Dilbert comic strip Scott Adams had created for June 26, 2022. Here is the Dilbert strip Stars and Stripes ran in their weekend edition: That is a rerun of the June 25, 2017 Dilbert Sunday strip.   But […]

Posted on: Jun 25, 2022,  Section: Comic strips, Controversies, Comments: 14 Comments

The First Weekend Whatnots of Summer

Real Estate Listing: Terry Manor For Sale Location: Bronxville, New York – Price: $5.995 million  Originally built in 1935, Terry Manor is a fully restored and renovated Tudor-style home set on nearly an acre of park-like property in Lawrence Park West, a tree-lined neighborhood in Westchester County.  The period home was built by Charles Lewis […]

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Origin of Garfield’s Lasagna Obsession

One of the most successful comic-book characters ever created, Garfield isn’t exactly characterized by a sense of mystery. The tabby loves lasagna, hates Monday, and can’t resist leveling withering put-downs at his owner Jon Arbuckle. However, there are a few facts about Garfield that have managed to remain little-known despite his international reach, and one is […]

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CSotD: Rum, Romanism and Rebellion, 2022 Version

Burchard’s quote hasn’t aged very well, has it? The Republicans of today — no longer the “Party of Lincoln” — have become eager to see Catholic doctrine made law, and are not simply tolerant of attempted insurrection but actively defend it. As for “rum,” Prohibition was largely a feminist cause, and the politically powerful Women’s […]

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Mike Smith, Clay Jones Win Sigma Delta Chi Awards

The Society of Professional Journalists announced the recipients of their 2021 Sigma Delta Chi Awards for Excellence in Journalism last night. The awards recognize outstanding work published or broadcast in 2021…Founded in 1909 as Sigma Delta Chi, SPJ promotes the free flow of information vital to a well-informed citizenry; works to inspire and educate the […]

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Stuart Carlson Eulogy

As an editorial writer for a dozen years, I have to admit I often envied editorial cartoonists. No matter how good a job you do researching, constructing and writing an editorial, it never hits home as quickly as an editorial cartoon. After all, you don’t read an editorial cartoon, you look at it and it […]

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2022 Locher Award Submission Deadline Looms

Only one week to deadline. Are you a young cartoonist who draws commentary on social topics? Do you know a young cartoonist doing work with a political tinge? The window is now open to enter the 2022 John Locher Memorial Award for editorial cartoons & comics. DEADLINE IS JULY 1.  Submit work at

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CSotD: Stepping Up To The Friday Funnies

Pros & Cons (KFS) comes as close to political as I plan to get today, in part because I’m finding the whole thing exhausting and in part because Lyndon sums up my take more concisely than I would. People are complaining that Bill Barr didn’t step up sooner and that Mike Pence didn’t step up […]

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See You in the Funny Papers – Exhibit & Etymology

“See You in the Funny Papers”: a phrase that began to grace the American lexicon around the 1920s and served as a reminder that life can often be just as amusing and whimsical as the Sunday comics. That’s what Ruthmere’s summer exhibit is all about… Funny Papers will include a traveling exhibit from the Charles M. […]

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Health News: Brians Bassett & Duffy; Mike Shelton?

The Red and Rover comic strip has been in daily rerun status for a month, since May 23, 2022. Darryl Heine, who tracks comic strip reruns like we track Good Humor Man movements, contacted creator Brain Bassett to ask what was going on. Brian replied: I had cancer surgery to remove tumors from my pancreas […]

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130 Years Ago The First U.S. Newspaper Color Supplement Appears in The Chicago Inter Ocean

June 23, 1892: Comic strip historians credit H.H. Kohlsaat as the grandfather of the Sunday comic supplement. Though he was not involved in the launch of the Sunday comic supplement, his brainchild — The Inter Ocean Illustrated Supplement — inspired it. On Thursday, June 23, 1892, Kohlsaat launched The Inter Ocean Illustrated Supplement, an eight […]

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CSotD: Random Reactions

Ben Jennings starts us off because I simply like the way he offers a visual depiction of how inflation feels to consumers. That’s more than sufficient, given that the point of cartooning is to put concepts into graphic form. But I also like that he’s not trying to hang it around the neck of Boris […]

Posted on: Jun 23, 2022,  Section: Editorial cartooning, Comments: 3 Comments