Counterpoint Licensing and Syndication Begins with Washington Post Writers Group Cartoonists

There’s a new syndicate in town!

Counterpoint Media to Launch New Cartoon Syndication Platform
The expansion into syndication will broaden Counterpoint’s mission
to support independent political cartooning.


From Counterpoint Media Group comes news of a new syndicate –
Counterpoint Licensing and Syndication.

Counterpoint Media, an independent organization of political cartoonists of all perspectives, will represent former Washington Post syndicated editorial cartoonists and more beginning on June 1st. The initial list of cartoonists for licensing and syndication includes: Clay Bennett, Lisa Benson, Tim Campbell, Jeff Danziger, Jack Ohman, and current Counterpoint contributor Pedro X. Molina. Counterpoint will service each cartoonist’s existing clients while eventually expanding the roster of talent available.

From Steve Gibson, Chief Financial Officer at The Washington Post:

After decades of representing nearly a dozen of America’s favorite cartoonists and as a result of an ongoing review of company priorities, The Washington Post has decided to wind down its operation of editorial cartoons and comic strips licensing and syndication to focus on other growth opportunities. We will continue to publish across platforms the comics and cartoons that our readers expect and enjoy.

As noted above, along with the Washington Post Writers Group (WPWG) editorial cartoonists, the lineup also includes internationally acclaimed cartoonist Pedro X. Molina.


More from Counterpoint:

“Our goal has always been to build a sustainable business model that enables the nation’s sharpest political cartoonists to continue their craft while ensuring their financial security to do so,” said Counterpoint founder Nick Anderson.” The Washington Post built an incredible roster of award-winning talent over the past 30 years, some of whom are already members of the Counterpoint family. When it became clear that they plan to focus on their core businesses, it was only natural for us to pursue the syndication opportunity, especially since Amy Lago, Comics Editor at the Post, agreed to join us.

Yes, famed comics editor Amy Lago is joining the new syndicate as comics editor. Amy is well-known and well-respected in the syndication industry and, as former comics editor at United Feature Syndicate and Washington Post Writers Group, is an experienced and able choice to help lead the new project.


The opening lineup of editorial cartoonists are profiled with samples
on the Counterpoint Licensing and Syndication contributors’ page.

Counterpoint’s mission statement:

The last few years have proven tough for political cartoonists – economic pressures on newsrooms have led to major publications eliminating the role of editorial cartoonists, and some have stopped printing cartoons entirely.

Counterpoint was created to explore new avenues of monetization that preserve both the art form itself and the editorial independence of each artist. The Counterpoint newsletter features the rotating work of 16 cartoonists from all over the United States, each with their own unique artistic talent and political views. Newsletter subscriptions are available here.

From Jack Ohman:

“While the profession of editorial cartooning has faced major challenges, we’re all still here, and there is still a thriving audience for what we do. Nick and Amy have been instrumental in leading our profession to the next chapter, and I am excited to join my other talented colleagues at Counterpoint”.


Rebecca Palkovics and Mike Peterson