DeSantis Cartoons are Upsetting

A couple of recent Ron DeSantis cartoons have upset fans of the Florida governor.

Earlier this week there was a complaint about Christopher Weyant.

Regarding Christopher Weyant’s March 14 syndicated editorial cartoon of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: It’s not enough that Post-Dispatch editorials and columns focus mostly on themes critical of Republicans associated with former President Donald Trump, but many of the political cartoons do as well.

© Christopher Weyant

I believe the cartoon was pure hate propaganda. A sign in the cartoon implied that Florida only welcomes white, straight men only.

As an independent voter with no political party allegiance, I can only imagine how many must feel offended, and I hope liberals and Democrats would be just as appalled at such a cartoon.

The full letter to the editor of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


Then today Tim Graham, MRC’s far-right left-wing-media critic, was upset by Michael de Adder.

Staff artist Michael De Adder thought it was appropriate and humorous to suggest Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was basically a murderer, that his so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill would mean death for children deciding they’re transgender.

© The Washington Post/Michael de Adder

It had echoes of Herb Block (“Herblock”), the legendary leftist Post cartoonist.

For some reason Graham thought comparing de Adder to Herblock was a bad thing.

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