Trippin’ Thru the Sunday Funnies

Doonesbury, to paraphrase Mike Peterson, is The Comic Strip of the Month.

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The last panel of the Sunday strip makes me sad.


More paraphrasing…

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Karen Moy, in Mary Worth, almost quotes Charles Schulz.
Peanuts from June 13, 1980:

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After a week of reading and enjoying newspaper comics


Red is treating the delivery system with disrespect today.

© Brian Basset


Friday while browsing in the bookstore I almost picked up a new Buster Keaton biography.
But instead went in a different direction.

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Then Saturday I read in Ripley’s Believe It or Not.
I believe it is a sign from the comics gods. So on my next visit…


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Terry Beatty provides a great and succinct expositional interlude in Rex Morgan, M.D.


It is one fine Spring day in Baldo and Over the Hedge.

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Until the heat kicks in later this month.


Until that happens let’s all just Max out with Sally Forth.

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