Gabrielle Drolet, New Yorker’s Newest Cartoonist

Michael Maslin noted a new cartoonist in the April 4, 2022 issue of The New Yorker:

Sixteen cartoons, seventeen cartoonists (Liana Finck has a “Sketchbook”). One duo that we know of (Pia Guerra and Ian Boothby. The Spill counts duos as one cartoonist), and one newbie: Gabrielle Drolet, the 8th new cartoonist added to the magazine’s stable this year, and the 108th new cartoonist added under Emma Allen, the cartoon editor since May of 2017.

[Christopher Weyant gets a second mention today.]

Gabrielle can now add that to her profile!

Gabrielle Drolet is a writer and cartoonist based in Montreal. She started freelancing for magazines and newspapers in 2019; her essays and articles have since appeared in the New York Times, the Globe and Mail, the Walrus, the CBC, and more.

She’s a contributor at the New Yorker, and has also illustrated for the Globe and Mail, the CBC, and the Coast.

The CBC talked to Gabrielle about the cartoon.

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Gabrielle Drolet, a 24-year-old writer and cartoon artist, was overjoyed when she saw the latest copy of The New Yorker magazine in her mailbox. In it was her first-ever in-print cartoon displaying some London pride. 

“It was definitely inspired by my four years at Western [University] where the geese were, uh, terrifying oftentimes,” she told CBC News between chuckles. 

Her cartoon, which the prominent magazine bought from her a year ago, depicts a Canada goose speaking to her goslings and telling them ‘Today, we learn how to terrorize the park.’